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Mable "E" Penfold

Born 11 February 1898, Burlington, Colorado, United States

We assume she is deceased. Grave site unknown


1900, Precinct 1-2, 7-8 Beaver Valley, Tuttle, Burlington, Carlisle Burlington town, Kit Carson, Colorado, United States

1920, Longmont Ward 3, Boulder, Colorado, United States

Newspaper Articles

New York Times (New York, New York)

August 17, 1921


Teller Disappears with $78,000 and Girl Employee Goes With Him.


Fugitives Are Reported to Have Married and Fled Toward the Mexican Border

DENVER, Col., Aug. 16 - Edwin F. Morse, 32 years old, for three years head teller of the International Trust Company in this city, has disappeared with Miss Mabel Penfold, 22 years old, an employee of the bank, and $78,166 in cash, all the currency that was insight in the bank.

The couple, it is believed, fled to Mexico, leaving last Saturday when the bank closed. J.S. Penfold, father of the girl, said he received a telegram from his daughter dated Sunday and addressed to him at Fort Lupton, saying that she had married Morse. The latter has a wife with whom he lived at 2046 Welton Street.

Announcement of the theft was made by John Evans, President of the bank, who said the books were not tampered with with in an effort to cover up the loss. The condition of the bank would not be affected, he said, as it was fully covered by insurance.

A reward of $1,500 for the arrest of Morse and an additional 5 per cent, of all money recovered has been offered by the Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland.

Morse and Miss Penfold are said to have taken a train to the Mexican Border, and are reported to have reached El Paso at 6 A.M. today.

Officials said that Morse went to the bank well recommended. Miss Penfold's employment began on May 18, 1920, as a comptometer operator. Soon after she became an employee, Morse, it is said, began paying her marked attention. The two were seen together frequently in an automobile which Morse bought last year, despite the fact that he was living with his wife within two blocks of the bank.

No suspicion of the theft occurred to the bank's officers until Morse failed to report for work today and his wife stated she had not seen him since Saturday. And examination of the books revealed the defalcation.

Morse is said to have told his wife that he purchased the automobile last Winter in order to engage in the taxi business as a side venture. Miss Penfold's father said Morse always represented himself as unmarried.

"Had I known he was married, I probably would have used a shotgun on him." said Mr. Penfold.

Detectives are searching for the couple.

New York Times Article 8-17-1921 (pdf)

Ogden Standard Examiner (Ogden, Utah)

South Bend News-Times (South Bend, Indiana)


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