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12 Dates of Christmas Laura Miyata, Vijay Mehta, Amy Smart

A story that follows Kate, a young woman who after a horrible blind date on Christmas Eve, wakes up to find she is re-living that same day and date all over again.
Disney Plus 2011 11/24/2020*
12 Days of Giving Ashley Jones, David Blue, Jax Connolly

After winning a $50,000 prize, a man decides to pay things forward by buying Christmas gifts for strangers under the pseudonym, Lucky the Elf.
YouTube 2017 03/01/2021
12 Gifts of Christmas Katrina Law, Aaron O'Connell, Donna Mills

With two more weeks until Christmas, a busy business man, Marc Rehnquist, hires a struggling artist, Anna Parisi, to help him pick out gifts for his friends and family.
Hallmark 2015 2019 or before
5 Star Christmas Victor Webster, Jay Brazeau, Bethany Joy Lenz, Paula Shaw, Laura Soltis, Robert Wisden, Blair Penner, Barbara Patrick, Grace Beedie

When a travel writer shows up unexpectedly at their dad's Bed and Breakfast, the Ralston family all pretend to be guests in hopes of a good review. Lucy (Bethany Joy Lenz) falls for guest Jake (Victor Webster), but can't share her secret.
Hallmark 2020 11/02/2021
#Xmasmas Brant Daugherty, Clare Bowen

When Jen gets the chance to enter a brand-design contest, she poses as a family influencer, and when her video is selected as a finalist, she's torn between continuing her perfect "family" or revealing the truth.
Hallmark 2022 12/15/2022
A Beauty & The Beast Christmas Leah Pipes, Ryan Kelley, Rob Raco

Ginger Holiday, a social media influencer and the queen of Christmas, damages her face and stays off her social media account. She starts losing followers and is in danger of losing her sponsorship so her agent Derek sets up a fake engagement with bad boy Beau Bradley to win back her followers.
ION 2019 1/7/2023
A Big Fat Family Christmas Shannon Chan-Kent, Shannon Kook, Tia Carrere

Liv gets an assignment to photograph the Chang family's annual holiday party for a front-page story--nobody at work knows that they are her family. She wants to confide in new co-worker Henry but doesn't want to jeopardize her big break.
Hallmark 2022 12/17/2022
A Brush with Christmas Jillian Murray, Joseph Cannata, Jan Skene

Charlotte captures the local art scene also helping mother run the family restaurant. Charlotte throws out her painting, to the Christmas art festival. Wyatt seeing her discarded work tries to find the mysterious artist who stole his heart.
Great American Channel 2022 1/8/2023
A Castle For Christmas Cary Elwes, Brooke Shields

To escape a scandal, a bestselling author journeys to Scotland, where she falls in love with a castle - and faces off with the grumpy duke who owns it.
Netflix 2021 12/13/2021
A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe Victor Webster, Rachel Boston

Annie Cooper has big shoes to fill when she takes over as CEO of her late grandmother's small-town cookie company and is doing her best to help their struggling business get back on track. That task gets more daunting when her grandmother's secret recipe is stolen during the Christmas party. As Annie tries to crack the case and uncover the culprit she works with Sam, the owner of a local bakery, to recreate the recipe in the hope of saving the company and her job. As Annie and Sam bake batch after batch in pursuit of the perfect one, they begin to learn that their lives go together like milk and cookies.
Hallmark 2022 12/17/2022
A Christmas Carol Patrick Stewart, Richard E. Grant, Joel Grey

An old bitter miser who makes excuses for his uncaring nature learns real compassion when three ghosts visit him on Christmas Eve.
TNT 1999 01/01/2023
A Christmas For The Books
Christmas By The Book
Chelsea Kane, Drew Seeley, Chad Connell

During a prestigious holiday gala, which is an interview for her dream job, a lifestyle guru must prove that she is a romance expert.
Hallmark 2018 12/28/2021
A Christmas Miracle For Daisy Jill Wagner, Nick Bateman, Rubi Tupper, Tegan Moss

Whitney (Wagner) owns Marietta Designs, an interior-design firm which she runs with her friend Andi (Tegan Moss). She's designing Santa's float for the town's annual Christmas parade when a potential job opportunity comes her way: the full redesign of a landmark house by Christmas Eve. Despite the challenge, Whitney and Andi sign on to the job-- then discover the home's new owner is Whitney's ex-boyfriend Connor (Bateman), who has moved to town from Los Angeles with his bright-eyed young daughter Daisy (Rubi Tupper). Connor had no intention of becoming a family man, but when his goddaughter was orphaned, he adopted her and committed to becoming a devoted single dad. More than anything, Daisy wishes for a mom to complete her picture-perfect family, and no prospect is as perfect as Whitney. Tall order, but Christmas is a time for miracles.
Great American Channel 2021 12/08/2022
A Christmas Proposal Adam Rodriguez, Jessica Camacho, Jaime M. Callica

Chef who dreams of having own food trucks, agrees to pose as girlfriend of an attorney. Working together, they try to prove he's the ideal candidate to take over the family firm, but is complicated as real sparks begin to fly.
CBS 2021 12/13/2021
A Christmas Snow Catherine Mary Stewart, Muse Watson, Cameron Ten Nepel, Anthony Tyler Quinn

A woman refuses to celebrate Christmas, because of her father abandoning his family during the holiday.
YouTube 2010 11/16/2021*
A Country Christmas Harmony Brooke Elliott, Brandon Quinn, Danny Pintauro

Follows Luke and Chrissy, a former country music duo and ex-sweethearts who run into each other years later after Chrissy disappeared on Luke, but now they realize they can only survive the holidays with the other one's help.
Lifetime 2022 11/25/2022
A Cozy Christmas Inn

Prequel for this
Christmas Under Wraps
Jodie Sweetin, David O'Donnell, Vivica A. Fox, Brian Doyle-Murray

Real estate exec Erika travels to Alaska during the holidays to acquire a bed and breakfast, only to discover it's owned by her ex. Soon she is falling in love with the town and quite possibly him.
Hallmark 2022 10/29/2022
A Fabled Holiday Brooke D'Orsay, Ryan Paevey, John Prows, Lindsey Sterling

Talia and her childhood best friend Anderson reunite in a curiously familiar-looking town full of Christmas spirit that restores its visitors when they need it most.
Hallmark 2022 12/19/2022
A Holiday In Harlem Olivia Washington, Will Adams, Tina Lifford

Known for transforming fledgling businesses into moneymakers, executive Jazmin Carter returns to Harlem, N.Y., to celebrate Christmas in the neighborhood where she grew up.
Hallmark 2021 03/20/2022
A Holiday Spectacular Ginna Claire Mason, Derek Klena, Sara Gallo, Ane-Margret

Set in 1958, follows Maggie who sneaks up to New York City to make her secret dream come true: dancing live on stage in the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall, putting her high-society wedding plans on hold.
Hallmark 2022 12/21/2022
A Kind Hearted Christmas Jennie Garth, Cameron Mathison, Emily Tennant

It's been five years since Jamie Monroe's husband, Matt Monroe, passed away, Cooperville Tour and Sightseeing owner/operator and overall Cooperville, New York booster Jamie whose Christmas routine is getting a little stale in Matt having been the spontaneous one in the marriage, he thinking of especially grand acts at Christmas. This staleness is noticed by Jamie's niece and best friend, newlywed social worker Kylie, she and her toy store owning husband David who are postponing their wish list honeymoon in Paris to save for a house in their imminent move to Seattle in the new year. It is in part a comment made by Kylie about Matt and a piece Jamie notices on morning talk show "Wake Up - Upstate" co-hosted by her television crush Scott Morris that Jamie comes up with the idea to do anonymous and largely spontaneous good Samaritan acts of Christmas cheer to channel the spirit of Matt into her Christmas routine. In the process, Jamie meets Scott, who, in an act of selflessness himself in part to help out a colleague in giving up his usual "bachelor" Christmas tropical getaway, ends up doing field work, his latest piece on Cooperville's Secret Santa. In the process, Jamie and Scott start to fall for each other, Scott the first person she's thought about in this way since Matt. The problem for Jamie is that she does not want to lie to Scott about being the Secret Santa, but wants to remain anonymous which Scott, as a journalist, may not respect or understand if she tells him the truth on this centerpiece of his work.
Great American Channel 2021 11/01/2022
A Match Made at Christmas Micah Lynn Hanson, Tim Llewellyn, Aubrey Shimek Davis

Romantic, small-town girl Holly, and realist, career-driven, Chris aren't a likely pair, but when 'matched' together by Holly's all-knowing great-aunt, they don't seem to have much of a choice.
Great American Channel 2021 11/24/2022
A Merry Christmas Wish
Jill Wagner, Cameron Mathison,

Janie returns to her hometown of Woodland Falls when her great-uncle passes away, and she discovers that he has surprised her with a special gift: the family homestead, her childhood home.
Great American Channel 2022 11/20/2021
A Prince and Pauper Christmas
Tom Arnold, Brittany Underwood, Jonathan Stoddard

When her down on his luck confidential informant in a criminal investigation suddenly goes missing, a desperate young federal agent recruits his doppelganger to play his role.
ION 2022 12/27/2022
A Royal Christmas on Ice William Baldwin, Jonathan Stoddard, Anna Marie Dobbin

Looking to escape his Royal life, a dashing prince comes to the United States to start a business in a small town in upstate New York and winds up falling for a former Olympic ice skater.
Great American Channel 2022 11/09/2022
A Royal Corgi Christmas Hunter King, Jordan Renzo, Frank Smith

To win his mother's love, Prince Edmond gives her a corgi and hires Cecily, a dog trainer. Edmond and Cecily bond over the dog, and discover that love can grow in unexpected places.
Hallmark 2022 12/06/2022
A Tale of Two Christmases Chandler Massey, Katherine Barrell, Evan Roderick

Emma experiences two different Christmases: one where she stays in town and celebrates with a new crush, and one where she returns home to her family and Drew. She will finally discover what will really make her happy in life and in love.
Hallmark 2022 12/12/2022
A Very Vintage Christmas Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Jesse Hutch, Patricia Richardson, Agam Darshi

An antique store owner discovers a memory box of sentimental trinkets and attempts to find its rightful owner.
Lifetime 2019 12/16/2021
Aisle Be Home For Christmas
Jennifer Freeman, Garrett Watson, Erica Duke,

Two exes finally reconnect when a snowstorm leaves them stranded in a superstore (without mobile service or Wi-Fi) just before Christmas.
Great American Channel 2022 12/29/2022
All Saints Christmas Ledisi, Roger Cross, Tosca Baggoo, Denzel Brooks, Artine Tony Browne

It tells the story of Lisette, a popular singer who's getting ready to travel home for Christmas. When the media mistake a photo of her with her ex as an engagement announcement, her family insists that he join her on the trip.
Hallmark 2022 11/12/2022
An Evergreen Christmas Naomi Judd, Robert Loggia, Booboo Stewart, Charleene Closshey, Greer Grammer

Leaving her seemingly glamorous Hollywood life on hold, Evie Lee is forced to return to her small hometown of Balsam Falls, Tennessee and her family's once-thriving Christmas tree farm to attend her father's unexpected funeral. As the eldest sibling, she finds herself executor of an estate that owes a massive inheritance tax, much to her younger brother's dismay. Torn between pursuing her music career and saving her family's legacy, she must decide what it really means to find her place in the world. Charleene Closshey stars amidst a colorful cast including Robert Loggia, Tyler Ritter, Booboo Stewart and Naomi Judd in this heart-warming musical holiday tale about facing your past, rediscovering your voice, and fulfilling your dreams.
YouTube 2014 10/29/2021*
An Unexpected Christmas Tyler Hynes, Bethany Joy Lenz, Alison Wandzura

Emily works at an ad agency and is sent to her ex's hometown before Christmas. She arrives at the train station as her ex is picked up by his family. They mistakenly think Emily's still an item.
Hallmark 2021 01/11/2022
Angel Falls - A Novel Novel Holiday Jen Lilley, Carlo Marks, Eric Close

A book editor must work with a former rival to help a potential writer find her way. He reminds all of them about the Christmas spirit and the value of community.
Hallmark 2019 12/28/2020*
A Bad Moms Christmas Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Christine Baranski, Susan Sarandon, Cheryl Hines

As their own mothers drop in unexpectedly, our three under-appreciated and over-burdened moms rebel against the challenges and expectations of the Super Bowl for mothers: Christmas.
Netflix 2017 01/22/2021*
A Boyfriend For Christmas Kelli Williams, Patrick Muldoon, Charles Durning

On Christmas Day, Santa brings two lonely people together. But can love overcome deception?
YouTube 2004 11/12/2021*
A California Christmas Lauren Swickard, Josh Swickard, Ali Afshar

With his carefree lifestyle on the line, a wealthy charmer poses as a ranch hand to get a hardworking farmer to sell her family's land before Christmas.
Netflix 2020 01/10/2021*
A California Christmas: City Lights Amanda Detmer, Ali Afshar, Shaun Paul Piccinino, David Del Rio, Lauren Swickard, Noah James, Laura James, Josh Swickard

Sequel to "A California Christmas". Follows Callie and Joseph one year after they fell in love, now running a dairy farm and winery, but their romance is threatened when business and family obligations call Joseph back to the city.
Netflix 2021 12/27/2021
A Christmas Arrangement Nicky Whelan, Miles Fisher, Daphne Zuniga

A flower shop owner enters the local Holiday Floral Show in an effort to win a cash prize to help keep her struggling business afloat, but she starts to fall for one of her direct competitors.
Lifetime, Youtube 2018 03/17/2021*
A Christmas Catch Emily Alatalo, Andrew Bushell, Franco Lo Presti, Lauren Holly

A small-town policewoman falls for a suspected diamond thief at Christmas time.
Netflix 2018 12/13/2020*
A Christmas Duet Chaley Rose, Rome Flynn, Chiara Zanni

During the chaos of planning a Christmas festival and vying for the Top Winter Lodge Award, an innkeeper rekindles her love of music as well as her love for her former music partner.
Hallmark 2019 11/26/2021
A Christmas Eve Miracle Olivia d'Abo, Anthony Starke, Josh Reid

After wondering what her life would be without children, workaholic Sharon is unexpectedly granted her wish while on Christmas vacation.
DVD 2015 03/23/2021*
A Christmas Exchange Laura Vandervoort, Rainbow Sun Francks, Nigel Bennett

This holiday season, Molly Cooper swaps her snow covered farmhouse for Patrick Kensington's posh London apartment. While enjoying Christmas time in the UK, Molly begins to look forward to every communication with Patrick. Likewise, Patrick finds Molly's warm emails and texts charming and compelling. Sparks fly between them as they get to know each other and fall in love as they live in each other's spaces. Coming home for Christmas Day, Molly is greeted to a new life and a new love.
Lifetime, Youtube 2020 03/15/2021*
A Christmas In Tennessee Raechel Boston, Andrew W. Walker, Patricia Richardson

A baker unites the people of her small mountain town to stop a real estate developer.
Hallmark 2018 11/07/2021
A Christmas Kiss Elisabeth Rohm, Laura Breckenridge, Brenden Fehr

Wendy is an aspiring designer and assistant to her callous boss Priscilla. Unfortunately, Wendy's dreams of impressing her boss get complicated when she realizes that the mysterious man she kissed in a falling elevator is Priscilla's boyfriend, Adam. As the holidays approach and Adam and Wendy's friendship grows, Priscilla is forced to take drastic measures to make sure her engagement goes forward as planned. Will Wendy and Adam connect before it's too late.
ION 2012 11/29/2022
A Christmas Kiss II Elisabeth Harnois, Adam Mayfield

At a Christmastime event, Jenna shares an impromptu, unforgettable kiss with the dashing billionaire, Cooper Montgomery. Unaware of his intentions and fearful of getting hurt in another relationship, Jenna vows to resist his charms, but begins to realize his affection is real as the two spend more time together.

Salt Lake
ION 2014 11/30/2022
A Christmas Love Story Kristin Chenoweth, Scott Wolf, Kevin Quinn

A youth choir director (Chenoweth) needs to write a big song for the Christmas Eve show but "finds herself distracted" when a boy with a golden voice (Kevin Quinn) joins her choir, which will come as news to his widowed father (Wolf).
Hallmark 2019 01/27/2021
A Christmas Melody Lacey Chabert, Brennan Elliott, Kathy Najimy, Mariah Carey

A gift of music transports people back to another time and place where they find their truest feelings.
Hallmark 2015 10/29/2021
A Christmas Miracle Tamera Mowry-Housley, Brooks Darnell, Kendall Cross

When her boss steals her idea for their magazine's cover story, Emma searches for a Christmas miracle to write about with the help of her son and the handsome staff photographer.
Hallmark 2019 12/28/2020*
A Christmas Mystery

Secret Past
Esmé Bianco, Ryan Bittle, John Ratzenberger

When a reporter discovers that her late mother had been receiving Christmas cards from a secret admirer, she decides to track him down. In the process, she'll discover a family secret more dangerous than she could have ever imagined.
ION 2014 12/03/2022
A Christmas... Present Candace Cameron Bure, Marc Blucas, Paul Fitzgerald

Real-estate mom Maggie Larson takes her family to spend Christmas with her brother and his daughter, who have different expectations for their holidays. Being in the present at Christmas.
Great American Channel 2022 12/14/2022
A Christmas Prince Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Alice Krige

When a reporter goes undercover as a tutor to get the inside scoop on a playboy prince, she gets tangled in some royal intrigue and ends up finding love - but will she be able to keep up her lie?
Netflix 2017 01/26/2021
A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Alice Krige

A year after helping Richard get to the throne, Amber is about to become his wife. But is she really made to be queen?
Netflix 2018 01/26/2021
A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Alice Krige

It's Christmastime in Aldovia, and a royal baby is on the way. Amber and Richard host royals from a distant kingdom to renew a sacred truce, but when the treaty vanishes, peace is jeopardized and an ancient curse threatens their family.
Netflix 2019 01/26/2021
A Christmas Together With You Harry Lennix, Laura Vandervoort, Niall Matter

During the Christmas season, Megan and her father-figure Frank head out on a road trip to find his long-lost love. Will Megan find the love of her life along the way?
Hallmark 2021 11/25/2021
A Christmas Treasure Jordin Sparks Thomas, Michael Xavier

Lou and Kyle met in the Pine Grove, they both have doubts about their future, but the magic of the holiday season and the connection they have, helps each of their journeys.
Hallmark 2021 11/26/2021
A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado Rochelle Aytes, Mark Taylor, Peter Bryant

Erin is planning the town's Christmas celebration and must win over Kevin in order to get his spruce tree for the celebration.
Hallmark 2020 03/08/2021
A Christmas Wish Hilarie Burton, Tyler Hilton, Megan Park

Maddie slips in a wish for her sister Faith to experience true love for the first time. Next day Faith meets seemingly perfect Andrew, but is he really the one for her?
Lifetime 2019 02/03/2021
A Christmas Wish Kristy Swanson, Edward Hermann, Tess Harper, Page Petrucka, K. C. Clyde

Martha Evans has been abandoned by her husband, who took all their cash and left her homeless and virtually destitute with her stepson and two daughters. Martha leaves town hoping to find a job and a place to stay, and she finally finds a job at a sleepy rural diner once famous for its homemade root beer. But with her car broken down and the bills piling up, Christmas looks bleak for Martha and her family. But warm hearts are working behind the scenes that ultimate make this the happiest holiday of Martha's life.
Hallmark 2011 12/15/2021
A Dickens of a Holiday Kristoffer Polaha, Brooke D'Orsay, Chad Willett

To make the 100th anniversary of her hometown's Victorian festival a success, Cassie invites action movie star and former high school classmate Jake to play in "A Christmas Carol.
Hallmark 2021 07/09/2022
A Dream of Christmas Andrew W. Walker, Nikki Deloach, Lisa Durupt

When a restless young married woman is granted a wish by a Christmas Angel to be single again, she soon discovers her new life isn't what she bargained for, and embarks on a quest to win her husband back.
Hallmark 2016 01/23/2021
A Gift for Christmas
A Gift to Remember
Peter Porte, Ali Liebert, Tina Lifford

Based on the book by Melissa Hill, Darcy finds romance with a handsome stranger with amnesia.
Hallmark 2017 11/06/2020
A Gift Wrapped Christmas Meredith Hagner, Travis Milne, Anna Van Hooft

Personal shopper Gwen's new client is a workaholic single father. When Gwen meets his 7-year-old son, she makes their lacking father-son relationship her Christmas mission.
Lifetime, Youtube 2015 03/16/2021*
A Gingerbread Romance Sam Page, Brooke D'Orsay

With Christmas just weeks away, the architecture firm Taylor works for enters her in a contest in which the teams will design and build life-sized gingerbread houses. After the contest, Taylor will likely be getting a promotion to a position in another city. The firm teams her up with Isabelle, a renowned French pastry chef with whom Taylor instantly locks horns. When Isabelle backs out, Taylor stumbles into a local bakery and meets Adam, a baker and single dad. In an act of desperation, Taylor convinces Adam to partner with her for the contest, arguing that winning would give the bakery and his designs much-needed exposure. For years Taylor has been resistant to call anywhere 'home' for fear it will only be temporary. But the time she spends with Adam and his daughter in their cozy home, decorating for the holidays and exploring the town at Christmas, fills her with a longing for a place to call home.
Hallmark 2020 09/04/2022
A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance, First Love Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Duane Henry, Melissa Peterman

After 15 years, a single father moves home from Hawaii with his two sons, and through a series of coincidences--or Godwinks--ends up stuck in traffic next to his high school sweetheart.
Hallmark 2018 10/29/2021
A Joyous Christmas Michael Rady, Natalie Knepp, Bonnie Bedelia

A young self-help author returns to her hometown during the Christmas holidays to promote her new book. She soon discovers the true meaning of Christmas and family.
Hallmark 2017 11/01/2021
A Kismet Christmas Sarah Ramos, Carlo Marks, Rubi Tupper

It tells the story of Sarah, a children's book author who returns to her hometown where she reconnects with her family and her teenage crush. She soon discovers that a family legend might actually be true.
Hallmark 2022 10/27/2022
A Kiss Before Christmas Teri Hatcher, James Denton, Sophia Bachart, Carson Kroeker

Ethan is a married father with two teens. He wakes up one morning and is shocked to find he isn't married, he doesn't have kids, and he's CEO of his company. His wife is the key to be able to reclaim his original life and family.
Hallmark 2021 11/24/2021
A Little Christmas Charm Ashley Greene, Brendan Penny, Britt Irvin

Holly, a jewelry designer finds a lost charm bracelet and teams up with investigative reporter Greg in hopes of finding the owner and returning it by Christmas Eve.
Hallmark 2020 04/03/2021
A Magical Christmas Village Alison Sweeney, Luke Macfarlane, Marlo Thomas

It follows Summer's life as her mother Vivian and daughter Chloe move in with her. Vivian sets up a miniature Christmas village. As Chloe begins setting up the figurines, real-life events seem to mimic the scenes she creates.
Hallmark 2022 11/07/2022
A Maple Valley Christmas Peyton List, Ella Cannon, Andrew W. Walker, Joe Costa, Aleksandra Cross

Erica is a rancher who has spent her whole life working the family farm with her mother and sister. When Aaron arrives and disrupts her plans, she starts to question what it is she actually wants.
Hallmark 2022 11/06/2022
A Royal Queens Christmas Megan Park, Julian Morris, Michael Hanrahan

A prince finds his way to Queens during Christmas when a local woman enlists his help with a children's Christmas show.
Hallmark 2021 07/11/2022
A Snow Globe Christmas Alicia Witt, Donald Faison, Chrisitina Milian

A cynical TV exec looks at the perfect town inside a Christmas globe and is magically transported to it. When she wakes up in a perfect snow-covered town, married to a local woodsman, she discovers it's not all just a fantasy.
2013 10/22/2021*
A Taste of Christmas Anni Krueger, Gilles Marini, Nia Vardalos

When Natalie learns her cousin Francesca must cancel the Christmas Eve opening of her new Italian restaurant, Natalie's heart goes out to all of the guests who were planning on attending.
Lifetime 2020 03/27/2021
A Timeless Christmas Erin Cahill, Ryan Paevey, Brandi Alexander

Charles Whitley travels from 1903 to 2020 where he meets Megan Turner and experiences a 21st Century Christmas.
Hallmark 2020 11/27/2020
A Very Country Christmas Greyston Holt, Bea Santos, Greg Vaughan, Deana Carter

A country music star leaves it all behind to get back to his roots and find his way back to what he really loves. What he doesn't expect to find - is true love.
Netflix 2017 01/12/2021*
A Very Merry Bridesmaid Emily Osment, Casey Diedrick, Patch May

Leah's 30th birthday is on the same day as her brother's wedding. Her childhood crush is back in town for the wedding and he is determined to make sure her birthday does not go by the wayside.
Hallmark 2021 07/09/2022
A Very Merry Mix-Up Alicia Witt, Mark Wiebe, Lawrence Dane

Alice is set to meet her future in-laws for the first time, but things don't go according to plan.
Hallmark 2013 11/07/2020
A Veteran's Christmas Sean Faris, Eloise Mumford, Mary Long

A former Marine, Grace is driving to Cincinnati when her jeep breaks down and Judge Joe Peterson offers his guesthouse until it's repaired. As they spend time together, they fall in love but Grace worries Joe isn't over his ex, Marnie.
Hallmark 2018 11/22/2020
A Welcome Home Christmas Jana Kramer, Brandon Quinn, Charlene Tilton

When a returning soldier needs help adapting back into civilian life, Army counselor Chloe Marquee welcomes him home, only to be swept off her feet just in time for Christmas.
Lifetime 2020 02/04/2021
An Accidental Christmas Cynthia Gibb, David Millbern, Jason Connery

A couple separated for almost a year endure the machinations of their two children trying to effect a reconciliation.
YouTube 2007 02/26/2021*
B&B Merry Jesse Hutch, Jen Lilley

Tracey a travel blogger is invited by Graham Cooper to Christmas getaway for family's small bed and breakfast. B&B is facing tough competition from a hotel resort that has been stealing guests and threatens survival of the family business.
Great American Channel 2022 12/23/2022
Beaus of Holly Michael Copon, Jennifer Freeman, Johnny Pacar, Nikki Leigh, Nancy Harding

A woman proposes to her boyfriend who says he has to work things out with an ex before he can answer, leaving her to take a romantic sleigh ride alone with a sympathetic driver.
ION 2022 01/01/2023
Believe Ryan O'Quinn, Issac Ryan Brown, Danielle Nicolet, Shawnee Smith

In a small town going through tough economic times, business owner Matthew Peyton (Ryan O'Quinn) struggles between his desire for financial success and the responsibility of funding the annual Christmas pageant. Desperate business decisions ruin his popularity and angry employees seek their revenge. When Matthew meets Clarence (Isaac Ryan Brown), a joyful boy who believes in miracles, he must make a choice: do what's best for himself or give faith a chance by opening his heart to help his community.
YouTube 2016 01/17/2022*
Blending Christmas Susan Olsen, Beth Broderick, Haylie Duff, Greg Evigan, Telma Hopkins, Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland, Robbie Rist, Barry Williams, Aaron O'Connell

The holiday season is in full swing when Emma learns that the resort where she used to spend Christmases with her family is being redeveloped.
Lifetime 2021 08/31/2022
Boyfriends of Christmas Past Catherine Haena Kim, Raymond Ablack, Jordan Kronis, Karn Kalra

Leading up to Christmas, Lauren is visited by the ghosts of four ex boyfriends. She must learn to open her heart or risk losing her best friend, Nate.
Hallmark 2021 10/24/2021
Campfire Christmas Tori Anderson, Corbin Bleu, Fred Henderson, Iris Quinn, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Caitlin Stryker, Matt Hamilton, Alec Santos

Romance rekindles for Peyton and her closest friends during a holiday themed reunion which Peyton's parents decide to host in their family owned summer camp before selling it.
Hallmark 2022 10/30/2022
Candy Cane Christmas Beverley Mitchell, Mark Ghanimé, Derek Johns

It's the Christmas season, the favorite time of year for Phoebe Saunders, half owner/operator of Seeing Green Flower Shop along with her childhood best friend, Laurie Danes. Phoebe is set in her traditions in all aspects of life, which makes this season potentially not as special when she learns that her favorite Christmas tradition, Candy Cane Lane - a street in her old neighborhood decorated by the residents - not happening for the first time since she was a child with Louise McGraw, the long time organizer, moving, and all the other residents losing interest. Laurie sees this as an opportunity for Phoebe as she's felt Phoebe's traditions have stifled her life, preventing her from experiencing new things. In finding other things to fill the void left by the absence of Candy Cane Lane, Phoebe meets Eric Kelton, a veterinarian. Eric has shut himself off from love since the demise of his last serious relationship, this Christmas the first since that break-up. That first encounter between Phoebe and Eric leads to a second chance encounter, with many more chance encounters to come. Although there is an attraction between the two, they have just as many moments of the stars not aligning for them to embark on a relationship as they do those chance encounters. What happens between the two of them may be affected by if there is a special something to replace Phoebe's beloved Candy Candy Lane.
Lifetime 2020 11/28/2020
Catering Christmas Merritt Patterson, Daniel Lissing, Rosemary Dunsmore

Molly Frost a struggling new catering business owner lands on New Hampshire's biggest event of the year.
Great American Channel 2022 11/01/2022
Chasing Christmas Tom Arnold, Leslie Jordan, Andrea Roth

In a world where the holidays are run by the efficient Bureau of Yuletide Affairs, a bitter and burned-out Ghost of Christmas Past decides to go AWOL while on a "mission" and leave his "target" stranded in 1965.
YouTube 2005 12/16/2021
Chateau Christmas Luke Macfarlane, Merritt Patterson

World famous pianist Margot returns to Chateau Neuhaus for Christmas. While there she reunites with her ex-boyfriend Jackson, who convinces her to headline their annual Christmas Concert.
Hallmark 2020 01/08/2022
Check Inn to Christmas Rachel Boston, Wes Brown, Richard Karn

Julia comes home to spend the holidays with her family running their inn only to get caught up in a longstanding feud with a rival business. To complicate matters, the competition is an irresistible guy called Ryan.
Hallmark 2019 10/30/2021
Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2 Peter Porte, Ali Liebert, Tina Lifford

As Darcy and Aiden prepare to celebrate their second Christmas together, an unexpected guest and a fight to save the beloved community center unites everyone for an unforgettable holiday.
Hallmark 2019 11/06/2021
Christmas a la Mode Katie Leclerc, Ryan Cooper

A woman needs a miracle in order to save her family's farm and her father's legacy in time for a happy Christmas.
Lifetime 2019 01/05/2022
Christmas At Castle Hart Lacey Chabert, Stuart Townsend

Brooke Bennett goes to Ireland for Christmas to search for her Irish roots. While there, she meets Aiden Hart. Mistaken for an elite event planner, she's hired to host his castle's epic Christmas party.
Hallmark 2021 11/30/2021
Christmas at the Drive-In Danica McKellar, Neal Bledsoe, Jim Annan

A property lawyer works to prove that her town's Drive In Theater, a local institution is not closed down at the holidays, finding romance with the very person who is trying to sell the property.
Great American Channel 2022 12/11/2022
Christmas at the Golden Dragon Barbara Niven, Antonio Cupo, Osric Chau, Kara Wang, Sara Canning, Markian Tarasiuk, David I. Strasser

When a beloved Midwestern Chinese restaurant announces its closing right before Christmas, it prompts their clientele to re-examine their relationships in a series of interconnected stories amid the chaos of its busiest week of the year.
Hallmark 2022 11/24/2022
Christmas At The Plaza Elizabeth Henstridge, Ryan Paevey

An archival historian is hired to create a Christmas display at the Plaza Hotel and is paired with a handsome Christmas decorator to bring it to life.
Hallmark 2019 12/31/2021
Christmas Bedtime Stories Erin Cahill, Steve Lund, Alice Comer

Left to raise her daughter alone after her husband goes MIA and is presumed dead, Danielle starts to tell her daughter bedtime stories about her father.
Hallmark 2022 11/07/2022
Christmas Break-In Danny Glover, Denise Richards, Cameron Seely

Izzy is an energetic 9-year-old. Overscheduled and running late, her parents can't pick her up on time on the last day of school before Christmas break. A blizzard complicates the matter, but not as much so as a pair of bad guys who are freezing in an ice cream truck. The school janitor is kidnapped by them, and it's up to Izzy to save the day.
Netflix 2018 2019 or before
Christmas By Starlight Kimberley Sustad, Paul Campbell, Darren Martens

When her family's beloved eatery, The Starlight Café, is slated for demolition, Annie vows to put a stop to it before Christmas.
Hallmark 2020 03/30/2021
Christmas Carousel Rachel Boston, Neal Bledsoe

When Lila is hired by the Royal Family of Ancadia to repair a carousel, she must work with the Prince to complete it by Christmas.
Hallmark 2020 01/06/2022
Christmas CEO Marisol Nichols, Paul Greene

A small toy company CEO gets a once in a lifetime offer to merge with a mega toy company but will need her estranged ex-business partner's signature to seal the deal.
Hallmark 2021 12/10/2021
Christmas Child William R. Moses, Tonya Bordeaux, Steven Curtis Chapman, Megan Follows

A Max Lucado Story - As Christmas draws near, Jack finds himself disconnecting from the holidays, his job and ultimately his wife. His latest assignment as a journalist takes him to Dallas, but a mysterious photograph draws him to the town of Clearwater, Texas. It is here he discovers the town's life-sized, intricately carved nativity. As Jack delves into the mysteries surrounding the nativity and its creator, he uncovers secrets from his past, reunites with the family he never knew, and returns to the love who never left him.
YouTube 2004 03/30/2021
Christmas Class Reunion Aimee Teegarden, Tanner Novlan, Dejan Loyola

A group of friends reunite for their 15th high school reunion at Christmas ready to ignite unrequited loves, reconnect with new friends and enjoy the holiday season.
Hallmark 2022 01/04/2023
Christmas Comes Twice Tamera Mowry-Housley, Michael Xavier

Cheryl's been stuck as administrator the last five years. Visiting her family for Christmas, she magically travels five years back for a week, as she had wished, and gets a fresh start on her career and love life.
Hallmark 2020 12/30/2021
Christmas Connection Brooke Burns, Tom Everett Scott, Sophie Neudorf

Flight attendant Sydney (Brooke Burns) is tasked with looking after Leah, an eight-year-old unaccompanied minor flying back to Chicago after visiting family. Sydney is charmed by the little girl and makes an instant connection with her. After Leah is safely delivered to her father, Jonathan (Tom Everett Scott), Sydney finds a package Leah left behind. Sydney delivers the gift back to Leah and gets invited to join in some fun, family Christmas festivities. When Sydney misses her connection, she is stuck for a few days. Grounded from her jet-setting ways, Sydney bumps into Leah and Jonathan who invite her spend the holidays with them - showing Sydney the value of a staying put long enough to fall in love.
Hallmark 2017 01/31/2021
Christmas Cookies Jill Wagner, Wes Brown

A corporate agent is sent to a small town to buy a cookie company and shut down its factory. When she starts falling in love with the factory's owner, the town's Christmas spirit over takes her.
Hallmark 2019 12/28/2021
Christmas Coupon Courtney Mathews, Aaron Noble

Alison Grant begins teaching ice skating students on a friend's frozen pond after being fired from her rink job. On the first day of class her old high school sweetheart and now famous hockey player, Ivan Hall, unexpectedly shows up when he brings his niece for her skating lessons. While an initially cold reunion ensues, eventually Alison warms up to Ivan again.
Encourage TV
2019 12/05/2021*
Christmas Everlasting PeopleTatyana Ali, Dennis Haysbert, Patti LaBelle, Dondré T. Whitfield, Jaida-Iman Benjamin

A hotshot lawyer returns to her childhood home following a death in the family.
Hallmark 2018 12/29/2021
Christmas For Keeps Ashley Newbrough, Christa B. Allen, Marielle Scott, Ryan Rottman, Cardi Wong

At Christmas time, a close-knit group of childhood friends returns home after 10 years to take part in the celebration of life of their beloved high school teacher.
Hallmark 2021 10/23/2022
Christmas Getaway Bridget Regan, Travis Van Winkle, Raven Stewart, Teryl Rothery

A travel writer takes a Christmas vacation, but finds herself double-booked with a widower, his mother, and his daughter at the holiday site.
Hallmark 2017 11/11/2020
Christmas in Angel Falls Beau Bridges, Rachel Boston, Paul Greene

Guardian angel Gabby is sent to Angel Falls to revive the town's forgotten Christmas spirit, and unexpectedly finds love in the process.
Hallmark 2017 11/01/2021
Christmas In Evergreen Ashley Williams, Teddy Sears, Holly Robinson Peete

Hoping to spur her longtime beau to action, a small-town veterinarian wishes upon a snow globe that this will be her most romantic Christmas ever.
Hallmark 2017 11/18/2020
Christmas In Evergreen - Letters to Santa Jill Wagner, Mark Deklin, Holly Robinson Peete, Ashley Williams

When Lisa (Jill Wagner) takes a last-minute Christmas trip to her hometown of Evergreen, she finds that the historic general store has been closed. Using her skills as a professional retail designer, Lisa decides to keep local tradition alive and help the good people of Evergreen bring the store back to life. As Lisa charms a local contractor named Kevin (Mark Deklin) into working with her, the pair find themselves facing one surprise after another as they restore the store to its former glory. When the staff at the Kringle Kitchen temporarily accept the store's beloved 'Mailbox to Santa' for safekeeping, the townspeople find and rally around a mysterious 25-year-old letter that never made it to the North Pole. As old traditions are made new again, Lisa finds herself falling for Kevin, the traditions, and the town of Evergreen.
Hallmark 2018 12/12/2020
Christmas In Evergreen - Tidings of Joy

Maggie Lawson, Paul Greene, Rukiya Bernard, Ashley Williams, Holly Robinson Peete

A skeptical writer shows up in Evergreen to get the scoop on the town's famed passion for Christmas during a search for a long-lost time capsule.
Hallmark 2019 11/19/2020
Christmas In Evergreen - Bells are Ringing

Holly Robinson Peete, Rukiya Bernard, Antonio Cayonne, Ashley Williams

As Michelle's wedding approaches, Hannah steps up to help finish the launch of the new Evergreen museum while questioning her relationship and future with Elliot.
Hallmark 2020 12/05/2020
Christmas in Harmony Luke James, Ashleigh Murray, Loretta Devine, Michelle Williams

Harmony is tricked into auditioning for the Holiday Chorus- directed by an ex-boyfriend. By Christmas Eve, they could be harmonizing in the key of love.
Hallmark 2021 01/24/2022
Christmas in Homestead Taylor Cole, Michael Rady

Life is turned upside down for a small town mayor when a famous actress arrives to shoot her new Christmas movie.
Hallmark 2021 01/03/2022
Christmas In Mississippi Jana Kramer, Wes Brown

Photographer Holly Logan (Jana Kramer) returns to her hometown of Gulfport, Mississippi for Christmas. The town is resurrecting their traditional holiday light show for the first time since a terrible hurricane struck five years earlier. Holly volunteers to pitch in, but soon has second thoughts when she discovers the festival is run by her high school sweetheart, Mike (Wes Brown). Now Holly must spend the next few days with the man who broke her heart. With the help of her match-making mom, Caroline (Faith Ford) and Mr. Kriss, the kind man who will play Santa in the town's celebration, Holly begins to fall in love with her hometown, and Mike, all over again.
YouTube 2017 11/26/2021
Christmas In Montana Kellie Martin, Colin Ferguson, Ava Preston

Before the holidays, Sara goes to Montana to help a man save his ranch.
Hallmark 2019 2019 or before
Christmas In My Heart Luke Macfarlane, Heather Hemmens

Violinist Beth returns home after the recent death of her mother and tutors the daughter of a reclusive country music star to prepare her for the upcoming holiday concert.
Hallmark 2021 12/04/2021
Christmas In Pine Valley René Ashton, Andrew Biernat, Chanté Bowser, Demi Castro, Kristina Cole, Amie Dasher

Natalie (Kristina Cole) is the owner of a successful company that garners the attention of a major magazine. The magazine sends a reporter named Josh (Andrew Biernat) to profile Natalie's company thinking it's a family-run business.
Great American Channel 2022 12/18/2022
Christmas in Tahoe Pat Monahan, Laura Osnes, Kyle Selig

Follows Claire, an aspiring talent booker, as feelings come back between her and her boyfriend after looking for his help to be her big act at her family's hotel and casino, and realize they may need each other more than they remembered.
Hallmark 2021 02/05/2022
Christmas in Toyland Vanessa Lengies, Jesse Hutch, Lara Amersey

A toy store data analyst tries to save hundreds of jobs right before Christmas to help keep the in-person experience alive.
Hallmark 2022 10/31/2022
Christmas In The Air Catherine Bell, Eric Close, Ken Tremblett

Struggling to find balance in his life, widowed father of two Robert Trent seeks the help of professional organizer Lydia Evans to prepare for a big meeting and holiday dinner with a potential client, while making time for his children.
Hallmark 2017 11/21/2020
Christmas In The City Ashley Williams, Ashanti, Jon Prescott, Shanola Hampton

With the threat of having to close her father's candy store, Wendy and her six-year-old daughter Grace travel to the big city in hopes of making extra holiday cash to save the store.
Lifetime 2013 12/17/2020
Christmas In The Heartland

The Christmas Trap
Sierra McCormick, Brighton Sharbino, Bo Derek, Shelley Long, Christopher Rich, Christian Kane

Two girls realize they're both visiting grandparents they've never met and decide to switch places to see how the other half lives.
Netflix 2018 01/18/2021*
Christmas In The Smokies Sarah Lancaster, Barry Corbin, Alan Powell

Christmas in the Smokies is a modern-day Christmas classic set in the beautiful Smoky Mountains that tells the story of one family's journey to save their historic berry farm against all odds during one fateful holiday season.
INSP (Netflix) 2015 12/04/2020*
Christmas in Vermont Abigail Hawk, Chevy Chase, David O'Donnell

Riley Thomas (Abigail Hawk) is a rising star at one of the world's most noted holding companies. With Christmas fast approaching, she is sent to the small town of Chestnut, Vermont to evaluate the assets of one of their companies, an outerwear clothing manufacturer. As she begins making plans for liquidation, she hires the company's founder, Nick (Howard Hesseman)-now retired-as her apprentice to help. Of course, everyone assumes she's there to save the company and she keeps her true motives a secret. In the process, she comes to appreciate what the company means to the small town; and she falls in love with its youthful CEO, Wyatt (David O'Donnell). She slowly comes to embrace the small town's values and even helps create a new product line just in time for Christmas. As her priorities change and her love grows, will Riley be able to stand up to her boss, Preston Bullock (Chevy Chase) and save the company she was supposed to destroy?
YouTube 2016 02/24/2021*
Christmas In Vienna Sarah Drew, Brennan Elliott, Alina Fritsch

Jess, a concert violinist whose heart just isn't in it anymore, goes to Vienna for a performance. While there, she finds the inspiration she has been missing, and a new love.
Hallmark 2020 02/14/2021
Christmas Inheritance Eliza Taylor, Jake Lacy, Andie MacDowell

To be the CEO, an heiress is challenged by her dad to deliver a Christmas letter in person to his ex-partner in their hometown - traveling by bus, incognito and with only $100. Will she learn something from the people there?
Netflix 2017 12/02/2020*
Christmas List Alicia Witt, Gabriel Hogan

Isobel plans a storybook Christmas with her boyfriend, including a cottage in the Northwest and a bucket list of holiday traditions. But when he goes AWOL, the list proves challenging and a tempting new romance turns her life upside down.
Hallmark 2016 12/12/2021
Christmas Lovers Anonymous Brooke Burfitt, Houston Rhines

A best-selling author hides her love for Christmas after an ugly break up, finding love again when she joins a website for people who are crazy about Christmas: "Christmas Lovers Anonymous."
Great American Channe 2021 11/04/2022
Christmas Made to Order Alexa PenaVega, Jonathan Bennett

A Hallmark Channel original movie. When architect and Christmas amateur Steven (Jonathan Bennett) finds himself hosting his family for Christmas, he recruits holiday coordinator Gretchen (Alexa PenaVega) to bring holiday joy to his home.
Hallmark 2018 10/28/2021
Christmas Next Door Jesse Metcalfe, Fiona Gubelmann, Brittany Bristow

A famous MGTOW author is forced to look after his niece and nephew over the holidays and, with the help of his Christmas-loving neighbor, he learns to find love and the Christmas spirit.
Hallmark 2017 11/06/2021
Christmas On Candy Cane Lane Devon Alexander, Andrea Barber, Lydia Campbell, Dan Payne

Ivy Donaldson struggles with her mom's shadow, Muriel, the Christmas darling of Icicle Falls. She is now separated from her husband Rob and tries her best with her daughter, but after a series of strange but comical events everybody gets together in unexpected but festive ways.
Great American Channel 2022 12/30/2022
Christmas On Mistletoe Lake Genelle Williams, Corey Sevier, Hattie Kragten, Robin Dunne

Interior designer Reilly finds herself this Christmas in the town of Mistletoe Lake with no place to stay. She accepts an offer from Ray to stay in his boat, helping him renovate the boat for the town's Christmas Harbor Festival.
Lifetime 2022 11/21/2021
Christmas On My Mind Andrew W. Walker, Ashley Greene, Jackee Harry

When Lucy wakes up with a wedding dress in hand, she believes that she is late to her wedding with her ex-boyfriend Zach. However, she has no recollection of the past 2 years, including the fact that she is engaged to another man.
Hallmark 2019 11/02/2021
Christmas On The Menu Kim Shaw, Clayton James

Celebrated chef Josie heads home for the holidays and creates a special festive menu for her mom's new bed-and-breakfast bistro, where she runs into Tanner, the famous food critic who panned her old bakery in a review. Soon, a holiday romance begins to blossom between them just in time for Christmas.
Lifetime 2020 01/20/2022
Chistmas On The Square Dolly Parton, Jenifer Lewis, Josh Segarra, Treat Williams, Christine Baranski

An embittered "Scrooge" of a woman plans to sell her small town, regardless of the consequences to the people who live there.
Netflix 2020 01/30/2021
Christmas On Wheels Tiya Sircar, Michael Xavier, Serena Arella, Lara Amersey

Upon learning that her uncle sold her Mom's vintage convertible--a car full of Christmas memories--Ashley enlists the help of her uncle's attorney, Duncan, to get it back.
Lifetime 2020 01/17/2022
Christmas Reservations Melissa Joan Hart, Michael Gross, Christopher Quartuccio, Markie Post

It's Christmas at the Treeline Ski Resort, where Holly is the event coordinator at her family lodge. She plans every event and keeps all the guests happy. But when her college sweetheart, now widowed with two children, checks in, Holly discovers she has her own reservations about life and love.
Lifetime 2019 02/07/2021
Christmas Sail Terry O'Quinn, Katee Sackhoff

Liz receives a call for help from her estranged and ailing father to return home for the holidays. Liz then resolves to create a whimsical Christmas celebration for her young daughter as she encounters a familiar face on the downtown streets.
Hallmark 2021 12/01/2021
Chistmas Scavenger Hunt Kim Shaw, Kevin McGarry, Tom Arnold

When Belinda (Kim Shaw) heads back to her hometown for the holidays, things get complicated when she is forced to team up with her ex, Dustin (Kevin McGarry), at the town's annual Christmas scavenger hunt.
Hallmark 2019 01/30/2021
Christmas She Wrote Danica McKellar, Dylan Neal, April Telek

Kaleigh is fired as popular column writer by the new editor at The Globe in NYC. She heads to her sister near Tahoe, CA, and helps in her bakery the weeks before Xmas. The single editor shows up - to right a wrong.
Hallmark 2020 05/30/2022
Christmas Sweethearts Breanne Hill, Colton Little, Tanner Novlan

When a woman returns home to find her ex in a relationship, she enlists her best friend to act as her fake boyfriend.
Great American Channel 2019 1/7/2023
Christmas Tail Chandra West, Antonio Cupo, Tiera Skovbye

Maggie McPhail (Chandra West) is stuck in a rut. His boss at the ice cream company doesn't appreciate her and her work is being undermined by weasel coworker Brendon Lutz. Her pathetic boyfriend Chance Glidewell breaks up with her. Christmas is coming. She decides to get a dog for her and her son Ethan. Jack Burgin (Antonio Cupo) is a stay-at-home sports writer single dad to teenager Olivia. He got a dog for her naming him Bear. Bear's runaway tendency gets him locked up at the pound. That's where Maggie finds and adopts him.
BYU 2014 12/04/2020*
Christmas Takes Flight Evan Williams, Katie Lowes, Lucia Walters

Matt, a number-crunching CEO, purchases Jenny's family-owned, regional airline. Matt's cost-cutting initiatives threaten Christmas when he cancels the airline's annual holiday charitable benefit for underserved children.
Paramount Plus 2021 10/07/2022*
Christmas Time is Here Rukiya Bernard, Dewshane Williams

Nia is a local realtor who is helping Julian find the ideal property to expand for his upscale property developer company. Julian sets his eye on Nia's family owned inn that is managed by her father who wants to sell and retire. Julian's company decides they want the property, but intend to change the inn. Nia sets out to find other options and hopes to save the family inn.
Great American Channel 2021 01/03/2023
Christmas Town Candace Cameron Bure, Tim Rozon, Beth Broderick

Lauren Gabriel leaves everything behind in Boston to embark on a new chapter in her life and career. But an unforeseen detour to the charming town of Grandon Falls has her discover unexpected new chapters - of the heart and of family - helping her to embrace, once again, the magic of Christmas.
Hallmark 2019 01/20/2021*
Christmas Tree Lane Alicia Witt, Andrew W. Walker, Briana Price

Meg wants to save her neighborhood from getting demolished. She then discovers that Nate has other plans. Can she turn Nate's heart toward Christmas?
Hallmark 2020 10/30/2021
Christmas Under Wraps

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A Cozy Christmas Inn
Candace Cameron Bure, David O'Donnell, Brian Doyle-Murray, Robert Pine

When a doctor doesn't get the position she wanted, she ends up moving to a remote Alaskan town. She unexpectedly ends up finding love, happiness and discovers that the small town is hiding a big holiday secret.
Hallmark 2014 11/13/2020
Christmas Unleashed
A Doggone Christmas
Vanessa Lachey, Christopher Russell, Jayne Eastwood

When Marla's dog runs away on Christmas Eve, she must team up with her ex-boyfriend Max to find him.
Lifetime 2019 01/08/2022*
Christmas Unwrapped Amber Stevens West, Marco Grazzini, Cherion Drakes

Charity, an ambitious pragmatic reporter, learns the true meaning of Christmas when she investigates Erik Gallagher, a millionaire who insists that all the gifts that arrive on Christmas every year are from none-other than Santa himself.
Lifetime 2020 11/13/2020
Christmas Waltz Lacey Chabert, Will Kemp, Katrina Reynolds

A woman dumped by her fiancé a month before her storybook Christmas wedding decides to take the series of ballroom lessons intended for her wedding dance.
Hallmark 2020 04/04/2021
Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses Jill Wagner, Matthew Davis, Donna Mills

Abbey, an interior decorator/designer and beautiful single mom, interior decorates a mansion including a Christmas party for the handsome, single businessman Nick.
Hallmark 2019 12/19/2020
Christmas with a Prince Kaitlyn Leeb, Nick Hounslow, Josh Dean

Pediatric specialist Tasha Mason is focused on keeping the kids in her ward as healthy as possible. But when the handsome Prince Alexander Cavalieri breaks his leg on a nearby ski-slope, Tasha is forced to allow him to secretly get well on her floor, and she's furious that a spoiled Royal is interrupting the precious healing time her kids need. Soon, however, Tasha learns that some tough love and a lot of Christmas spirit could turn this royal pain into a knight in shining armor.
Netflix 2018 11/27/2020*
Christmas With A View Kaitlyn Leeb, Scott Cavalheiro, Mark Ghanimé

Secret aspirations between a failed restaurateur and a celebrity chef threaten their blossoming Christmas romance.
Netflix 2018 01/28/2021*
Christmas with Holly Sean Faris, Eloise Mumford, Daniel Eric Gold

Traumatized by her mother's death, a 6-year-old girl stops talking but is cared for by her three uncles. The story unfolds as all of them find the importance of family.
Hallmark 2012 11/01/2020
Coyote Creek Christmas Janel Parrish, Ryan Paevey, Naomi King

The fate of the Coyote Creek Inn and Paige's relationships are both left to the magic of the holiday season to decide.
Hallmark 2021 11/07/2021
Christmas with the Darlings Katrina Law, Carlo Marks, Steve Bacic

A woman helps a charming man look after his orphaned nieces and nephew during the holidays.
Hallmark 2020 11/26/2020
Comfort and Joy Nancy McKeon, Steven Eckholdt, Paul Dooley

The life of Jane Berry was all materialist, until one Christmas Eve, she is involved in a car accident that changes her life forever. She wakes up to discover she is the mother of two, a wife and that her only job is in the house, besides her frequent volunteer work.
2003 11/08/2021*
Cranberry Christmas Nikki Deloach, Benjamin Ayres, Marci T. House

A separated couple feign marital bliss on national television to help their town's Christmas festival and their business. But what will the future hold for them when rekindled love is complicated by new opportunities.
Hallmark 2020 12/20/2020
Crashing Through the Snow Amy Acker, Brooke Nevin, Warren Christie, Kristian Bruun, Summer H. Howell, Myla Volk

Maggie and Sam are crashing Christmas. When he proposes that they team up against his sister's perfect Christmas, neither of them are prepared for the blended family challenges that lie ahead.
Hallmark 2021 11/01/2021
Crazy for Christmas Andrea Roth, Howard Hesseman, Yannick Bisson

Shannon, a single mother, is forced to chauffeur a wealthy eccentric around town on Christmas Eve while he gives away cash to complete strangers. When a reporter pursues the story, a new romance blossoms.
2005 12/16/2021*
Cross Country Christmas Rachael Leigh Cook, Greyston Holt, Jon Cor

Snowstorm threatens both Lina's and Max' holiday plans. They are forced to work together to figure out a way home - without taking it out on each other.
Hallmark 2020 12/23/2020
Crown For Christmas Danica McKellar, Rupert Penry-Jones, Ellie Botterill

After getting fired from her job as a maid at a ritzy New York City hotel, Allie reluctantly accepts a temporary gig as the governess to a young girl who is part of a powerful family in Europe that lives in a castle.
Hallmark 2015 11/01/2021
Crown Prince of Christmas
Cindy Busby, Jilon VanOver, Nancy Harding

Madison, a musician, jokingly says she is dating the prince of a small European nation. Her friend Sebastian is roped into impersonating the prince while visiting her family.
Great American Channel 2022 12/29/2022
Dear Santa Amy Acker, David Haydn-Jones, Emma Duke

A young woman from a privileged life falls for a soup-kitchen owner after discovering a Dear Santa letter written by his 7-year-old daughter.
Hallmark 2011 12/15/2020
Deck The Halls Matthew Broderick, Danny DeVito, Kristin Chenoweth

Two neighbors have it out after one of them decorates his house for the holidays so brightly that it can be seen from space.
HBO 2006 10/16/2021
Defending Santa Dean Cain, Jodie Sweetin, Jud Tylor, John Savage

A small-town sheriff finds a man asleep in the woods who claims to be Santa Claus.
DVD 2013 03/22/2021
Deliver by Christmas Eion Bailey, Alvina August, Jim Thorburn

Molly meets Josh, a widower who recently moved to town with his young son. At the same time she is charmed by a mysterious client of her bakery whom she's never met in person, and doesn't realize that they're one and the same.
Hallmark 2020 10/31/2020
Destined at Christmas Casey Elliott, Shae Robins, Eve Elliott

Kim and Theo meet on Black Friday shopping and there is spark between them, but the couple gets separated due to panic. Both of them can't forget each other and try to search with little information. Can destiny bring back them together.
Great American Channel 2022 10/26/2022
Eight Gifts of Hanukkah Inbar Lavi, Jake Epstein, Sheila Tyson

An anonymous suitor sends optometrist Sara a gift for each night of Hanukkah. On her journey to find her secret admirer, she learns her one true love might be someone she never expected.
Hallmark 2021 02/06/2022
El Camino Christmas Dax Shepard, Kurtwood Smith, Luke Grimes, Tim Allen, Jessica Alba

Eric comes to El Camino looking for his unknown dad. He's harassed, hit and jailed by a drunk local cop, who later shoots at a liquor mart with Eric +4 inside. The sheriff and deputy then shoot up the place, answering each other's fire.
Netflix 2017 01/08/2021
Elfette Saves Christmas Yao Tsai, Quinton Aaron, Ashleigh Blackburn

Elfette has to save the day when Santa Claus is kidnapped by the mafia, who try to take over Christmas.
YouTube 2019 02/25/2021*
Enchanted Christmas Alexa PenaVega, Carlos PenaVega, Rene Riveria

Young widow Laura Trudeau was a remarkable dancer. As a project manager she is tasked with renovating a lodge in her hometown and have it ready by Christmas Eve. She is stunned it's the lodge where she and her former love performed.
Hallmark 2017 01/09/2022
Entertaining Christmas Jodie Sweetin, Brendan Fehr, Jane Moffat

Liz is a cookbook author, crafting expert, and television personality whose name is synonymous with perfection. As she contemplates retirement, her daughter Candace (Sweetin) is poised to become the new face of the Livingstone brand. The only trouble is, Candace can't cook. Or sew. Or do any of the signature things her mother is known for. When a young girl posts a video online requesting Liz help welcome her deployed father home for Christmas, Candace is sent in her place in an effort to prove herself a worthy successor to the board of directors and win the job. As Candace does her best to make a good impression, she gets more than she bargained for when the young girl's uncle John turns out to be a reporter for the local paper, looking for his next story.
Hallmark 2018 01/23/2021
Eve's Christmas Elisa Donovan, Sebastian Spence, Cheryl Ladd

A wealthy and successful career woman gets a second chance in life when a magical wish transports her back in time eight years to when she walked away from her fiance to lead a business life in New York.
YouTube 2004 02/16/2021*
Every Time a Bell Rings Wes Brown, Erin Cahill, Ali Liebert

Three sisters reunite in their hometown of Natchez and discover their late father planned one last scavenger hunt for them to find the family's wishing bell - an annual holiday tradition. As they search for clues their bond is rekindled and they find hope and healing.
Hallmark 2021 01/01/2022
Falling For Christmas
Snowcapped Mountains
Leah Renee, Niall Matter, Lisa Whechel, Lochlyn Munro

When champion figure skater Claire becomes injured she is sent to a rehabilitation center in the snowy mountains where she meets and falls for a local ice fisherman who shows her there is more to life than competition. But her other world soon beckons as boyfriend/coach Vlad arrives to whisk her away to the next competition overseas. Will Claire choose career When champion figure skater Claire becomes injured she is sent to a rehabilitation center in the snowy mountains where she meets and falls for a local ice fisherman who shows her there is more to life than competition. But her other world soon beckons as boyfriend/coach Vlad arrives to whisk her away to the next competition overseas. Will Claire choose career or love?
YouTube 2016 04/29/2021*
Family For Christmas Lacey Chabert, Tyron Leitso, Milli Wilkenson

After a conversation with a man playing Santa Claus during her office Christmas party, a woman wakes up to find herself married to her college sweetheart and two kids and questions her life choices.
2015 11/09/2021*
Father Christmas Is Back John Cleese, Elizabeth Hurley, Kelsey Grammer, Caroline Quentin, Talulah Riley, April Bowlby

FATHER CHRISTMAS IS BACK centers around four sisters who have re-united for the Christmas Holiday in a Yorkshire mansion. misunderstandings that uncover the long-buried secret that tore their family apart, so many years ago.
Netflix 2021 11/24/2021
Finding Christmas Tricia Helfer, J.T. Hodges, Mark Lutz, Cristina Rosato

Sean, who runs a New York City advertising agency, and Owen, a small-town handyman and musician, swap residences for the holidays. Mia, who works for Sean, helps Owen get settled into his new apartment while Ryan, sent by Owen to fix a broken heater, helps Sean find the charm of living in a small town. Owen is a fish-out-of-water in the big city and tries to flirt with Halo, an aspiring model/actress/singer who lives in the apartment building. One night, after Mia has shown Owen around the town, Halo sees him entering the elevator while he's dressed in a wardrobe borrowed from Sean's closet. Thinking he's rich, Halo flirts back and sets up a date. Mia, however, warns him that she just thinks he has money because he's living in Sean's apartment and is wearing Sean's clothes. On the day of the big date, Owen realizes who he really is and what he really wants in life. Meanwhile, Sean is falling in love with the local veterinarian, who happens to be harboring a big secret - two, actually. He's surprised when his ex-fiancé' appears on his doorstep, ready to accept his marriage proposal and move back to New York with him. This complicates Sean's blossoming relationship with the small town girl, who has told him that her career as a veterinarian relies on her staying where she is, and to simply enjoy their love while it lasts. On Christmas Eve, Sean invites Owen to come back for a special dinner, where a surprise awaits all of them.
Hallmark 2013 02/07/2021
Finding Santa Jodie Sweetin, Eric Winter

Grace is thrilled to be taking over the town's Christmas parade, but when the man playing St. Nick breaks his arm, she needs to find a replacement, even if the replacement is unwilling.
Hallmark 2017 12/28/2021
Fit For Christmas Amanda Kloots, Paul Greene, Stephan Miers

Follows Audrey, an enthusiastic Christmas-obsessed fitness instructor who begins a holiday romance with a charming, mysterious businessman.
CBS 2022 12/07/2022
Five More Minutes Nikki Deloach, David Haydyn-Jones, Sherry Miller

Follows the story of Clara, who wishes she had more time with her late grandfather at Christmas. Her holiday wish seems to come true as she comes across his journal and looks back on her time with him.
Hallmark 2021 11/29/2021
Five More Minutes: Moments Like This Ashley Williams, Lucas Bryant, Brady Droulis

Inspired by Scotty McCreery's song "Five More Minutes", a Christmas wish gets realized in an unexpected way, as a young widow has to return to her old home for the holidays.
Hallmark 2022 12/18/2022
Forever Christmas (Mr. 365) Gary Goldstein, Ruth Clampett

When workaholic reality TV producer Sophie starts working on a holiday-season show about Will, a wildly sexy guy who celebrates Christmas every day of the year, she finds herself falling for her mysterious, unlikely new star, renewing her long-lost faith in Xmas in the process.
Hallmark 2018 11/13/2020
Frosty Returns Jonathan Winters (voice), Jan Hooks (voice), Andrea Martin (voice)

The continuing exploits of the famous snowman as he goes up against a more powerful force which threatens all of Christmas.
1992 12/24/2020
Frosty The Snowman Jackie Vernon (voice), Billy De Wolfe (voice), Jimmy Durante (voice)

A living snowman and a little girl struggle to elude a greedy magician who is after the snowman's magic hat.
CBS 1969 12/24/2020
Ghosts of Christmas Always Kim Matula, Ian Harding, Beth Leavel

It follows Katherine, a Ghost of Christmas Present, as she helps one soul to rediscover his Christmas spirit, but this year has something unusual in store.
Hallmark 2022 11/02/2022
Gingerbread Miracle Merritt Patterson, Jon-Michael Ecker

Maya is a freelance attorney who, after a minor setback, has been living in the apartment above her parents' garage and using the Casillas Panadería as her unofficial office for the past couple of years. The Mexican bakery has held a warm spot in her heart ever since she worked there as a teenager alongside her high school crush, Alejandro "Alex" Casillas, the handsome nephew of the owner. When Alex's uncle asks for Maya's help in selling the bakery, Alex decides to return home to celebrate one last Christmas in the bakery and help Maya find a buyer for the bakery, whether or not she actually wants his help.
Hallmark 2021 01/16/2021
Good Morning Christmas Marc Blucas, Alison Sweeney

Two squabbling TV hosts are sent to a festive small town over Christmas. While pretending to get along for the sake of appearances, they discover there's more to each other than they thought.
Hallmark 2020 12/12/2021
Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Luke Klein(voice), Sean Gunn, Michael Rooker(voice), Pom Klementieff, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper(voice), Vin Diesel(voice), Kevin Bacon

Star-Lord, Drax, Rocket, Mantis, and Groot engage in some spirited shenanigans in an all-new original special created for Disney+.
Disney Plus 2022 12/18/2022
Hanukkah on Rye Yael Grobglas, Jeremy Jordan, Linda Darlow

Can a Hanukkah miracle keep fresh couple Molly and Jacob together after they realize that they are actually competing delicatessen owners?
Hallmark 2022 01/04/2023
Hats Off To Christmas Haylie Duff, Antonio Cupo, Jay Brazeau

After ten years, Mia hopes for a promotion to upper management in the store when the boss/owner wants to see her. But he wants her to show his son, Nick, the ropes. Mia's a widowed mom and Nick is single.
Hallmark 2013 01/09/2021
Haul Out The Holly Lacey Chabert, Wes Brown, Stephen Tobolowsky

Emily arrives home hoping to visit her parents, only to find that they are going on a trip of their own. While she stays at her house for the holidays, her HOA is determined to get Emily involved in the neighborhood Christmas festivities.

Salt Lake
Hallmark 2022 12/11/2022
Heart of the Holidays Vanessa Lengies, Corey Sevier, Maria Ricossa

After her life in New York unexpectedly falls apart, powerhouse stockbroker Sam Wallace returns to her small town for the holidays and reconnects with her high school sweetheart who helps reignite her humanitarian spirit just in time to help their community on Christmas.
Hallmark 2020 03/29/2021
His & Her Christmas Dina Meyer, David Sutcliffe, April Telek

Tom Lane is the star columnist for the media conglomerate owned San Francisco Sun newspaper. The company is thinking about increasing Tom's exposure by producing a new television show around him. Liz Madison is the advice columnist for the little read community newspaper, the Marin County Voice, which is a throwback to gentler times. Besides their journalistic occupations, one other similar aspect between Tom and Liz is that they are both currently single, with their friends and family doing whatever they can to find that special someone for their personal life. On November 2, the staff at the Voice learn that the Sun ownership has bought their newspaper, with the probable goal of folding it into the operations of the Sun. If this move does happen, the staff at the Voice will lose their jobs. To fight back, Liz decides to change her column to an editorial espousing the meaning of Christmas and the newspaper to the community. Because of the feisty and entertaining stance of Liz's new column, the circulation of the Voice increases so much so that the owner has second thoughts about folding it, which in turn would put Tom's new television show in jeopardy. To protect his career advancement, Tom decides to write a counterpoint column to Liz's, his about instilling some practicality into Christmas. The competing columns become a personal battle for the two columnists. But as Tom and Liz spew their mutual loathing for each other, their respective friends try to convince them of the old adage that there is a fine line between love and hate.
YouTube 2005 02/14/2021*
Holiday Fix Up Jana Kramer, Ryan McPartlin, Steve Vinovich

When Sam, an interior designer, returns home during the holidays to help renovate the Bell Harbor Inn, she gets paired with Coop as her contractor. The only problem - he's the guy who broke her heart and she's the one who got away.
Lifetime 2021 08/29/2022
Holly & Ivy Janel Parrish, Jeremy Jordan, Marisol Nichols

A contractor helps a woman renovate a house so she can adopt a sick neighbor's two children.
Hallmark 2020 11/09/2020
Holidate Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey, Kristin Chenoweth

Fed up with being single on holidays, two strangers agree to be each other's platonic plus-ones all year long, only to catch real feelings along the way.
Netflix 2020 01/25/2021
Holiday For Heroes Melissa Claire Egan, Marc Blucas, Latarsha Rose

The plot revolves around a woman (Egan) and a soldier (Blucas) who exchange letters for a year before their worlds collide.
Hallmark 2019 01/18/2021
Holiday In The Wild Rob Lowe, Kristin Davis, Fezile Mpela

Jilted by her husband on the eve of embarking on an African safari, a woman travels to the continent alone where she meets an elephant conservationist.
Netflix 2019 2020
Holly Star Katlyn Carlson, Michael A. Nickles, Erik Van Wyck

A broke puppeteer returns home for the holidays and gets caught up in a treasure hunt with her paintball-obsessed best friend, her tango-dancing grandmother, and a childhood sweetheart.
Netflix 2018 12/13/2020
Holiday Date Matt Cohen, Brittany Bristow, Teryl Rothery

After a woman's boyfriend breaks up with her right before the holidays, she agrees to go home with an actor who will pose as her boyfriend.
Hallmark 2019 01/28/2021
Holiday Heritage Holly Robinson Peete, Lyndie Greenwood, Brooks Darnell, Darlene Cooke

Ella, with the help of her ex-boyfriend, Griffin, encourages her family to celebrate Christmas and Kwanzaa to heal their past wounds.
Hallmark 2022 12/31/2022
Holiday in Santa Fe Mario Lopez, Emeraude Toubia, Aimee Garcia

Sparks fly when a greeting card executive arrives in Santa Fe to acquire a tight-knit family company that creates ornaments inspired by Mexican Christmas traditions.
Lifetime 2021 11/19/2021
Home By Christmas Linda Hamilton, Rob Stewart, Brenda Crichlow

After a well-to-do woman divorces her cheating husband, she ends up homeless through a series of mishaps.
Lifetime - YouTube 2006 02/20/2021*
Home for Christmas Day Catherine Bell, Victor Webster, Matreya Fedor

A young woman begins a long-distance relationship with an active-duty soldier.
Hallmark 2017 12/09/2020*
Home Sweet Home Alone Archie Yates, Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney

A married couple tries to steal back a valuable heirloom from a troublesome kid.
Disney Plus 2021 12/12/2021
Homemade Christmas Michelle Argyris, Travis Nelson, Marcello Di Fruscia

Megan uses the weeks leading up to every Christmas to help around with any Christmas-related tasks. When the opportunity arrives to save a Christmas party and dazzle her crush, she must choose between the man of her dreams and Mr. Right.
Lifetime 2020 03/27/2021
Hometown Christmas Beverley Mitchell, Stephen Colletti, Erin Cahill, Melissa Gilbert

"Back in Louisiana for Christmas, Noelle Collins (Mitchell) has big plans to resurrect the town's live nativity, a beloved tradition that her late mother used to put on. Things become complicated, however, when Noelle runs into her high school sweetheart, Nick Russell (Colletti), a rising baseball star also back home due to a recent injury. Still feeling the burn from their senior year break-up, their lives are pushed together even further when they learn their parents share an attraction and want to be more than just friends. When things begin to fall apart with the live nativity, Nick and Noelle reluctantly team up to pull off the show and find themselves growing close, uncovering a hometown love for each other and the joy of Christmas that both never really faded away."
Lifetime 2018 02/07/2021
Hometown Holiday Sarah Troyer, Bradley Hamilton, Kevin McGarry

Krista is starting this New Year with a new business and a resolution to be more selective with who she dates. When Krista meets Ryan Rourke, an entertainment lawyer from LA, the two really hit it off. Ryan is in her hometown to sign a local rancher turned viral signing sensation as his new client. Now with Krista also in Rust Creek, maybe there is more of a reason to stick around. Both are holding onto things from their past and are forced to make some decisions if they truly want to be together.
Netflix 2018 12/09/2021
Hope at Christmas Scottie Thompson, Ryan Paevey, Erica Tremblay

Divorced Sydney inherits a house from her grandma. Seeing it with her 8 y.o. daughter, she stops at the bookstore and meets a single teacher there. She ends up helping out there for the Christmas season.
Hallmark 2018 01/04/2021
How the Grinch Stole Christmas Boris Karloff, Thurl Ravenscroft, June Foray

A grumpy hermit hatches a plan to steal Christmas from the Whos of Whoville.
NBC 1966 11/30/2020
If I Only Had Christmas Candace Cameron Bure, Warren Christie, Jordana Largy

At Christmas, a cheerful publicist teams up with a cynical VP and his eclectic team to help a charity in need.
Hallmark 2020 12/20/2020
I'm Glad It's Christmas Paul Greene, Gladys Knight, Jessica Lowndes, Sierra Wooldridge

Cora does everything to bring together Holly, a salesclerk who dreams of performing on Broadway, and Jason, a jingle writer and single father, for the town's holiday concert.
Great American Channel 2022 12/13/2022
A Tale of Two Christmases Chandler Massey, Katherine Barrell, Evan Roderick

Emma experiences two different Christmases: one where she stays in town and celebrates with a new crush, and one where she returns home to her family and Drew. She will finally discover what will really make her happy in life and in love.
Hallmark 2022 12/12/2022
I'm not ready for Christmas Alicia Witt, George Stults, Brigid Brannagh

Holly's world is turned upside down when her niece's wish to Santa Claus comes true and she cannot tell a lie. As her career and love life go into disarray, she must learn to judge between the truth and what is right.
Hallmark 2015 10/27/2021
In Merry Measure Patti Murin, Brendan Penny, Jennifer Robertson, Cassidy Reichman

It follows Darcy as she returns home to spend Christmas with her sister and niece and unexpectedly finds herself coaching the high school choir with her onetime rival, Adam.
Hallmark 2022 11/18/2022
Inn Love By Christmas Jonna Walsh, Jesse Hutch, Jayne Eastwood, Maria Campos

Mandy Leeds is a successful young woman: living in sunny Miami, she's on her way up the corporate ladder in the hotel industry. She doesn't get back to her small hometown much, but this year her Gram has finally convinced her to come home for Christmas. Mandy has another reason too: the quaint local inn is for sale, and she wants to acquire it for her company. With her eyes on the prize, Mandy travels back home but on her way there, she runs into none other than Lucas Menzino, her high school rival- and it turns out he's got his eye on the inn as well.
Lifetime 2020 04/27/2021*
Inventing the Christmas Prince Tamera Mowry-Housley, Ronnie Rowe, Isabel Birch

Shelby is about to quit her job when her daughter becomes convinced that her boss Evan is the Christmas prince from a story Shelby made up a few years ago.
Hallmark 2022 11/25/2022
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas Eric Mabius, Tricia Helfer, Aliza Vellani

When a New England Christmas decorating competition searches for the town with the most Christmas spirit, the mayors of East and West Riverton go all out to get their towns to the top of the holiday heap.
Hallmark 2019 04/11/2021
Jingle Around The Clock Brooke Nevin, Michael Cassidy, Jeremy Guilbaut

Elle's plans for Christmas reunion are thwarted by work. In order to get a career-altering promotion she's forced to team up with advertising campaign 'fixer' Max, who has a completely different take on the Holidays.
Hallmark 2018 11/07/2020
Jingle Bell Bride Julie Gonzalo, Ronnie Rowe, BJ Harrison

A wedding planner ends up in a remote Alaskan town and falls in love with its Christmas pageantry, as well as the local man helping her find a rare flower.
Hallmark 2020 10/29/2020
Jingle Bell Princess

Barbara Dunlop(based upon the novel "His Jingle Bell Princess" by)
Trevor Donovan, Merritt Patterson

Through a series of mishaps, sophisticated Princess Amelia is stranded in the small town of Tucker, Maine. There she becomes an "ordinary" guest of the unsuspecting Cutler family.
Great American Channel 2021 10/31/2022
Jingle Belle Tatyana Ali, Cornelius Smith Jr., Loretta Devine

A successful jingle writer is cajoled into returning to her hometown to write a song for the 50th anniversary of the annual Christmas Eve concert.
Lifetime 2018 01/03/2021
Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey Forest Whitaker, Keegan-Michael Key, Hugh Bonneville

An imaginary world comes to life in a holiday tale of an eccentric toymaker, his adventurous granddaughter, and a magical invention that has the power to change their lives forever.
Netflix 2020 12/16/2020
Jolly Good Christmas Reshma Shetty, Will Kemp, Sophie Hopkins

Anji, a personal shopper runs into David, an architect buying a giftcard for his girlfriend. They mix up packages and find each other to exchange them. David decides to use Anji to get the perfect gift. Follow them through a series of mishaps trying to find the perfect gift for Charlotte. In the end, they find each other.
Hallmark 2022 10/29/2022
Journey Back to Christmas Candace Cameron Bure, Oliver Hudson, Brooke Nevin, Tom Skerritt

A WWII era nurse is transported in time to 2016 and meets a man who helps her discover the bonds of family and that the true meaning of Christmas is timeless.
Hallmark 2016 12/02/2020
Knight Before Christmas anessa Hudgens, Josh Whitehouse, Emmanuelle Chriqui

A medieval English knight is magically transported to present-day America where he falls for a high school science teacher who is disillusioned by love.
Netflix 2019 12/22/2020*
Last Christmas Emilia Clark, Henry Golding, Madison Ingoldsby, Emma Thompson, Boris Isakovic

Kate is a young woman subscribed to bad decisions. Working as an elf in a year round Christmas store is not good for the wannabe singer. However, she meets Tom there. Her life takes a new turn. For Kate, it seems too good to be true.
Hallmark 2019 12/06/2020
Last Vermont Christmas Erin Cahill, Justin Bruening, Catherine Corcoran

The Marvin sisters gather for what may be their last Christmas at their childhood home.
Hallmark 2018 11/14/2021
Let It Snow Candace Cameron Bure, Jesse Hutch, Alan Thicke

An executive examines her company's new property and prepares a presentation to transform the rustic lodge into a new hot spot.
Hallmark 2013 Before 2020
Lights, Camera, Christmas Kimberley Sustad, John Brotherton, Laura Soltis

It follows Kerry as she steps in as a costume designer for a holiday rom-com movie shooting in her town. She rediscovers her passion for costume design and finds herself falling for Brad, the film's famous leading man.
Hallmark 2022 11/08/2022
Long Lost Christmas Benjamin Ayres, Taylor Cole, Grant Vlahovic

Follow Hailey, an interior designer set to surprise her mother Patricia with an unexpected gift related to her long time yearned extended family.
Hallmark 2022 12/5/2022
Looks Like Christmas Anne Heche, Dylan Neal, Sean Michael Kyer

Two single parents battle for control of the Christmas holiday at the middle school their children attend and learn a lesson about the meaning of Christmas.
Hallmark 2016 11/12/2020
Love Always, Santa Marguerite Moreau, Mike Faiola, Brady Smith

A widow's daughter writes to Santa Claus, asking for her mother to find love again. When a struggling writer receives the letter, he finds new inspiration and the beginnings of a romance.
Hallmark 2016 12/24/2020
Love At The Christmas Contest Samantha Cope, Ross Jirgl, James Healy Jr.

A young woman enters a Christmas tree decorating contest to honor the memory of her mother, only to discover that the competition includes her recently-widowed high school sweetheart, and his adorable 10-year-old daughter.
Great American Channel 2022 11/12/2022
Love, Lights, Hanukkah! Mia Kirshner, Ben Savage, Marilu Henner

As Christina prepares her restaurant for its busiest time of year, she gets her DNA test revealing that she's Jewish. The discovery leads her to a new family and an unlikely romance over eight nights.
Hallmark 2020 12/13/2020
Love Hard Nina Dobrev, Jimmy O. Yang, Darren Barnet

An LA girl, unlucky in love, falls for an East Coast guy on a dating app and decides to surprise him for the holidays, only to discover that she's been catfished. This lighthearted romantic comedy chronicles her attempt to reel in love.
Netflix 2021 11/13/2021
Love You Like Christmas Bonnie Somerville, Brennan Elliott, Madison Brydges

A high-powered executive reconsiders her priorities when car trouble leads her to Christmas Valley, a town in love with Christmas.
Hallmark 2016 10/27/2020
Lucky Christmas Elizabeth Berkley, Jason Gray-Stanford, Mitchell Kummen

A terminally unlucky single mother wonders if she will ever be lucky as Christmas approaches.
2016 11/14/2021*
Maggies Christmas Miracle
Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christmas Miracle
Jill Wagner, Luke Macfarlane

Maggie, a single mom has to balance between her career and her son, Jordan. Jordan finds a tutor named Casey to help him at school, and Casey becomes like a father figure. Will the three of them find happiness and love once again?
Hallmark 2017 11/18/2021
Making Spirits Bright Taylor Cole, Carlo Marks

Grace and Tony are from two separate families who are in the business of decorating homes for Christmas. Unfortunately they have also been in feud for as long as anyone can remember. But this holiday season they must try to find a way to get everyone to work together in order to win a town competition that could save their livelihoods. .
Hallmark 2021 01/26/2022
Marry Me At Chistmas Rachel Skarsten, Trevor Donovan, Emily Tennant

A bridal boutique owner (Rachel Skarsten), who is deep in the flurry of planning an exquisite Christmas wedding, is unexpectedly swept off her feet by the bride's brother (Trevor Donovan).
Hallmark 2017 01/29/2021
Matchmaker Santa Lacey Chabert, Florence Henderson, John Ratzenberger, Donovan Scott, Adam Mayfield

As a little girl, Melanie Hogan (Lacey Chabert) wished to find her own Prince Charming, just like her parents found true love. Now an adult, Melanie is running her own bakery and dating a handsome CEO, Justin (Thad Luckinbill). Although things seem perfect when Justin asks Melanie to spend the holidays together at his beautiful lake house upstate, and meet his mother, Melanie finds herself spending more time with Justin's best friend and loyal assistant, Dean (Adam Mayfield), who just might be harboring a secret crush on her. When complications arise that throw Melanie and Dean together over the holiday, will the two realize they're meant to be?
Hallmark 2012 01/01/2021
Meet Me At Christmas Catherine Bell, Mark Bellamy, Luke Bilyk

When Joan's (Bell) son's wedding planner unexpectedly quits, she must coordinate his Christmas Eve wedding with the help of Beau (Deklin), the bride's uncle. As they work alongside each other they discover their fates and pasts are intertwined.
Hallmark 2020 11/14/2020
Merry Happy Whatever Dennis Quaid, Bridgit Mendler, Brent Morin

A strong-willed patriarch must balance the demands of his complicated family with the stress of the Christmas season when his youngest daughter comes home for the holidays with a new boyfriend.
8 episodes
2019 11/11/2020*
Merry Kissmas Karissa Lee Staples, Brant Daugherty, David O'Donnell

A woman engaged to marry a self-centered film and stage director/choreographer falls for a caterer whom she kisses, as does he for her.
ION 2015 12/01/2022
Merry Swissmas Jodie Sweetin, Tim Rozon, Jane Wheeler

It follows Alex as she returns home to spend Christmas with her mother, and she finds out her best friend and her ex-boyfriend, who are now dating, are also visiting.
Lifetime 2022 11/05/2022
Midnight At Magnolia Natalie Hall, Evan Williams, Alison Brooks

Longtime friends and local radio hosts Maggie and Jack fake it as a couple for their families and listeners in hopes of getting their show syndicated.
Netflix 2020 01/29/2021*
Minion's Holiday Special Carlos Alazraqui, Pierre Coffin, Brian T. Delaney

Illumination presents four new mini-movie escapades along with special guest appearances from some of Illumination's beloved characters from their "The Secret Life of Pets" and "Sing" franchises.
NBC 2020 11/28/2020
Miss Christmas Brooke D'Orsay, Marc Blucas, Luke Roessler

Nicknamed "Miss Christmas," the official tree finder for Chicago's renowned Radcliffe Tree lighting is left desperate to find the perfect tree. A letter from a young boy promising his tree is perfect sends her to a small town where she learns the young boy's dad isn't willing to part with his tree. While sparks fly, she'll be forced to confront what she's really been missing for Christmas.
Hallmark 2017 01/12/2021
Mistletoe in Montana Melissa Joan Hart, Duane Henry, Jamey Sheridan

Merry owns the ranch and has been unlucky in love, but that's about to change when a single father, Mark and his two kids book the ranch for Christmas week, the holiday spirit is everywhere, and love is in the air.
Lifetime 2021 11/18/2021
Much Ado About Christmas
A Hot Cocoa Christmas
Susie Abromeit & Torrance Coombs

A modern day re-imagining set at Christmas of William Shakespeare's play "Much Ado About Nothing" In “Much Ado About Christmas,” Haley is beloved in her community of Winterstone for acts of kindness ranging from managing The Hope Chest to directing the children’s choir. Haley is also the daughter of one of Winterstone’s wealthiest residents Leona Lloyd. Despite Haley’s down-to-earth demeanor, she is financially set as Leona’s only heir – information she fails to share with new love interest Claud, an artsy, hopeless romantic. Haley introduces herself to Claud as “Haley Logan,” raised by a single, struggling mom, a small fib that becomes a complication when Claud and his team present an ad pitch to Leona that includes a photo of Claud’s new girlfriend…Haley! Secrets are revealed and relationships ruffled, but Christmas is coming and miracles do happen.
Great American Family 2021 10/24/2022
My Christmas Love Meredith Hagner, Bobby Campo, Megan Park

A hopeless romantic who can't ever seem to give a guy a real chance begins receiving each of the "12 Days of Christmas" as gifts anonymously at her door and begins to believe that the mystery suitor may finally live up to her expectations.
Hallmark 2016 01/16/2021
My Family Christmas Tree Kendall Cross, James Tupper, Andrew W. Walker, Aimee Teegarden, Ava Telek, Lisa Paxton, Georgia Mae Orchard, Colby McClendon

When Vanessa receives the results from her Family Tree DNA test, she discovers a family she didn't know existed and travels to their home for Christmas.
Hallmark 2021 11/26/2021
My Favorite Christmas Tree Emma Johnson, Giles Panton, Marnie Mahannah

Kyla is a genealogy researcher who travels to the charming town of Conifer, hoping to piece together her ancestry. The search leads Kyla to a Christmas tree farm, its stubborn but handsome owner - and, possibly, love.
Great American Channel 2022 12/18/2022
My Grown Up Christmas List Kayla Wallace, Kevin McGarry, Lindsay Merrithew

Taylor and Luke have a special bond that grows between them after several Christmases spent together and apart.
Hallmark 2022 11/05/2022
My Southern Family Christmas Jaicy Elliot, Ryan Rottman, Bruce Campbell, Moira Kelly

Turned into a journalist, Campbell gets the chance to meet her biological father for the first time without him knowing. In the end, Campbell must decide if she will reveal the truth, a decision that will change Christmas forever.
Hallmark 2022 12/23/2022
Nantucket Noel Sarah Power, Trevor Donovan

Christina learns of a developer who is planning to tear down the wharf that is home to her toy store. Tensions rise as she falls for the developer's son, Andy.
Hallmark 2021 01/23/2022
Next Stop, Christmas Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Lyndsy Fonseca, Chandler Massey

Angie is determined to spend Christmas alone but her usual commuter ride turns into a Christmas train that drops her off in her home town in 2011.
Hallmark 2021 11/14/2021
Noel Next Door Natalie HallCorey SevierCallum Shoniker

It follows a single mom as she gets into a war of words with a neighbor who is ruining Christmas, only to find that this misunderstood grouch just may steal her heart.
Hallmark 2022 10/22/2022
Noelle Anna Kendrick, Shirley MacLaine, Bill Hader

Kris Kringle's daughter is full of Christmas spirit but wishes she could do something important like her brother Nick, who will take over for their father this Christmas. When Nick is about to crumble like a gingerbread cookie from all the pressure, Noelle suggests he take a break and get away...but when he doesn't return, Noelle must find her brother and bring back in time to save Christmas.
Disney + 2019 11/13/2020*
Mrs Worthington's Party
David Wall, Sean Patrick Brennan, Kerry Wall

A priest arrives in a tiny fishing village the week before Christmas to shut down a dying parish...and becomes entangled in the lives of the town's eccentric characters while learning the power of forgiveness and redemption.
YouTube 2007 03/30/2022*
Northern Lights of Christmas Ashley Williams, Corey Sevier, Genelle Williams

Williams plays pilot Zoey Hathaway, who has recently inherited her uncle’s ranch in Alaska. Her plans to sell the place and buy her own plane are diverted after she meets the ranch’s handsome caretaker, Alec Wynn (Corey Sevier), and the place’s resident reindeer, Holly and Palmer, leading her to reconnect with her home away from home.
Hallmark 2018 11/21/2020
Nostalgic Christmas Brooke D'Orsay, Trevor Donovan, Jenna Weir

Anne seems to have it all as a driven toy buyer in New York City, but her father's retirement signaling the closing of the town's beloved toy store brings the city girl back to her small-town roots.
Hallmark 2019 12/19/2020
Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater Ashley Williams, Niall Matter, Zahra Anderson

Maggie is facing Christmas alone until Lucas become an unexpected house guest.
Hallmark 2020 11/11/2020
No Time Like Christmas Kyla Pratt, Edward Ruttle, Sophia Bachart

After Emma finds her college boyfriend's engraved watch at a vintage jewelry shop, her sister Bronwyn believes it is a sign, and decides to secretly play Cupid by sending Emma to the same bed and breakfast in Vermont that Fletcher is staying at one week before Christmas. However, upon arrival, Emma is not only shocked to bump into her first love after all these years, but also his vivacious daughter. Throughout the week, the two fight their feelings for one another as they plan a Christmas Eve show in hopes of saving the local theater.
:Lifetime 2019 02/06/2021
On the 12th Date of Christmas Ian Collins, Clare Filipow, Zoe Fish

Two game creators, both vying for a promotion, must team up to create a Christmas scavenger hunt.
Hallmark 2020 11/01/2020
One Starry Christmas Sarah Carter, Damon Runyan, Paul Popowich, Kathleen Laskey, Neil Crone

Aspiring astronomy professor and Christmas enthusiast Holly is crushed when her longtime boyfriend Adam schedules a business trip and leaves her alone over the holidays. When she decides to surprise both Adam and her parents with a Christmas visit, however, fate, or perhaps the Christmas spirit, intervenes. Holly's bumpy holiday travel makes a turn onto the road to romance when she and her bus companion, Luke, forge an instant connection over their love of constellations and Christmas. In the spirit of the season, Holly invites Luke and his brother Bull to join her family and Adam for Christmas, which instantly creates a competition between Luke and Adam for Holly's attention. As sparks fly like shooting stars between Holly and Luke, will Holly decide to play it safe and stay with Adam or to thank her lucky stars for the Christmas gift of romance with Luke?
Hallmark 2014 01/01/2021
Olaf's Frozen Adventure Josh Gad, Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell

Olaf and Sven team up for a merry mission to bring home the kingdom's holiday traditions and save Christmas for Anna and Elsa
Disney Plus 2017 11/26/2020
Once Upon a Christmas John Dye, Kathy Ireland, Mary Donnelly Haskell

Santa is discouraged by a lack of Christmas spirit and wants to quit, but his daughter, Kristin, begs for one more chance to prove to him that there is hope for the world.
DVD 2000 02/28/2021
Once Upon A Christmas Miracle Aimee Teegarden, Brett Dalton, Lolita Davidovich

This holiday romance is based on the incredible story about organ donor Chris Dempsey and recipient Heather Krueger, who were brought into one another's lives by a transplant surgery that led to a miraculous romance.
Hallmark 2018 01/03/2021
Once Upon A Main Street Ryan McPartlin, Vanessa Lachey

Amelia, who wants to open a year-round Christmas store, bids for a shop lot against Vic, who wants to open a chocolate shop. Rivalry becomes romance when they must work together.
Hallmark 2020 03/26/2022
Once Upon a Snowman Josh Gad, Chris Williams

Follow Olaf's first steps as he comes to life and searches for his identity in the mountains outside Arendelle.
Disney Plus 2020 10/23/2020
Open By Christmas Brennan Elliott, Alison Sweeney, Erica Durance

When Nicky finds an unopened Christmas card from a high school secret admirer, she and her best friend Simone search to find and thank the anonymous author.
Hallmark 2021 11/13/2021
Operation Christmas Tricia Helfer, Marc Blucas, Lisa Durupt

A single mother with her daughter and son try to help other military families after being inspired by their own difficulties and their efforts go viral.
Hallmark 2016 11/29/2020
Operation Christmas Drop Kat Graham, Alexander Ludwig, Trezzo Mahoro

Congressional aide Erica (Graham) forgoes family Christmas to travel at her boss's behest. At a beachside Air Force base, she clashes with Capt. Andrew Jantz (Ludwig), who knows her assignment is finding reasons to defund the facility.
Netflix 2020 11/05/2020
Our Christmas Journey Holly Robinson Peete, Lyric Bente, Hilda Martin

As a single mom and her Autistic son come to a crossroad during Christmas, she must learn to let go so he can flourish as she finds her own heart healing in unexpected ways.
Hallmark 2021 12/09/2021
Our Italian Christmas Memories Sarah Power, Beau Bridges, Jesse Irving

The Colucci siblings tries to recreate their late grandmother's legendary pasta sauce in an effort to jog the memory of their grandfather who is struggling with dementia.
Hallmark 2022 11/23/2022
Picture a Perfect Christmas Merritt Patterson, Jon Cor

A photographer returns home to take care of her grandmother and gets involved with helping a neighbor look after his young nephew.
Hallmark 2019 12/28/2021
Poinsettias For Christmas Sharon Lawrence, Bethany Joy Lenz, John Schneider, Marcus Rosner

It's just weeks before Christmas when Ellie (Bethany Joy Lenz) gets a call to return home to help her father (John Schneider) on the family's poinsettia farm. The family business is on the line to deliver tens of thousands of plants for the town's annual parade. The problem is the poinsettias have yet to turn red. As Ellie searches for the solution, she is reminded of where her heart truly lies as she falls in love with both her roots and a local botanist (Marcus Rosner).
Lifetime 2018 01/12/2021
Pottersville Michael Shannon, Judy Greer, Ron Perlman

Maynard, a beloved local businessman, is mistaken for the legendary Bigfoot during an inebriated romp through town in a makeshift gorilla costume.
Netflix 20017 01/15/2021*
Prep & Landing Dave Foley, Sarah Chalke, Mason Vale Cotton

Wayne gets a new rookie partner, Lanny, after his previous partner got the promotion he wanted. Lanny has to remind Wayne of the Spirit of Christmas and the importance of being an elf in Santa's Prep and Landing elite unit.
Disney Plus 2009 11/17/2020
Prep & Landing: Naughty vs Nice Dave Foley, Derek Richardson, Sarah Chalke

Lanny and Wayne race to recover classified North Pole technology.
Disney Plus 2011 11/18/2020
Pride Prejudice and Mistletoe Lacey Chabert, Brendan Penny, Sherry Miller

Darcy is a career woman who hasn't found love, but her life turns upside down when she returns home to help her mother plan a charity event.
Hallmark 2018 01/17/2021
Project Christmas Wish Amanda Schull, Travis Van Winkle, Stephanie Sy

For years Lucy has played Santa to her small town's community. As she grants a little girl's wish for a "Christmas like it used to be," she unexpectedly finds her own wishes coming true.
Hallmark 2020 12/24/2020
Random Acts of Chistmas Erin Cahill, Kevin McGarry, Jaden Oehr, Patrick Duffy

Inspired by a story idea following random acts of kindness at Christmas, a journalist reconnects with an old flame in her home town.
Lifetime 2019 03/03/2021
Reindeer Games Homecoming

Reindeer Games
Sarah Drew, Justin Bruening, Brian Sills

When her father dies, MacKenzie keeps her father's tradition of the town's fundraising "The Reindeer Games" alive, but when high school crush Chase shows up and plays against her, the spark between them grows.
Lifetime 2022 11/19/2022
Reindeer In Here Candace Cameron Bure(voice), Henry Winkler(voice), Adam Devine(voice)

Blizzard, a young reindeer living at the North Pole, and his unique group of friends band together to save the future of Christmas, creating a magical holiday tradition in the process.
CBS 2022 11/29/2022
Rent-An-Elf Kim Shaw, Sean Patrick Thomas, Nicholle Tom

Type-A Ava owns Rent-an-Elf, which sets up Christmas for busy families. This year, she's hired by newly-single Liam and falls for him and his adorable son Nathan. But just as Ava thinks she's found her match, Liam's ex-wife returns..
Ion 2018 12/27/2021
Road To Chistmas Jessy Schram, Teryl Rothery, Matreya Scarrwener

A TV producer is producing a Christmas Special for the 5th year but she is then told to co-produce it with the host's son. Initially, she's not too happy about it but - Christmas brings friends and families together.
Hallmark 2018 01/29/2021
Romance at Reindeer Lodge Nicky Whelan, Josh Kelly, Nichole Galicia

Molly and Jared have sworn off partaking in holiday activities, but find themselves at a Christmas themed ranch with no flights available to leave. Eventually, they find romance, and the spirit of Christmas revived in them again.
Hallmark 2017 02/13/2021
Santa BootCamp Emily Kinney, Rita Moreno, John Schuck, John Schuck

Hired by shopping mall magnate Ed Mancini to host a Christmas gala for his biggest investors, Emily heads to Santa Bootcamp - to find the perfect Santa and the inspiration she'll need to make the evening a success.
Lifetime 2022 11/27/2022
Santa Claus is Coming to Town Fred Astaire, Mickey Rooney, Keenan Wynn

A mailman reveals the origin of Santa Claus.
Network Channels 1970 11/27/2020
Santa Girl Barry Bostwick, Jennifer Stone, Devon Werkheiser

Santa's daughter gets a chance to attend college for one semester in the 'real' world before heading back to the North Pole to fulfill her duties under her father.
2019 01/15/2021*
Santa's Boots Megan Hilty, Noah Mills

Forced to take a vacation from her job in Seattle, Holly returns to her hometown where she reluctantly agrees to become Santa's new elf at her dad's local department store.
Hallmark 2018 12/09/2021
Secrets in the Snow Ashley Murray, Aaron Michael Johnson, Katie Mccafrey, Vincent Seidle, Hollie Shay, Elizabeth Potthat

Six unfamiliar students are left locked alone inside their High School during a winter storm. As conditions worsen, wills are tested, friendships are created, and secrets are revealed.
YouTube 2012 01/18/2022*
Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen Erin Krakow, Luke Macfarlane, Kimberley Sustad

Ella Dashwood (Erin Krakow) and her sister Marianne (Kimberley Sustad) are huge Christmas enthusiasts and own a party-planning business. One of their new clients is a toy company and they don't see eye-to-eye with Edward Ferris (Luke Macfarlane), the company's C.E.O.
Hallmark 2019 12/26/2020
Sharing Christmas Ellen Hollman, Bobby Campo

Stephanie Nichols takes over the Christmas Shop, but a property developer has bought the building and is terminating the retail leases. She finds help and love from Michael Kilpatrick, who works for the developer.
Trolley Square, Salt Lake, Utah
Hallmark 2017 01/16/2022
Silent Night Linda Hamilton, Matthew Harbour, Romano Orzari

In a cabin in a WWII front, a German mom with a son mediates a truce between 3 German and 3 American soldiers so they can all celebrate Christmas Eve 1944 together.
Youtube 2002 11/27/2022*
Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday Ashley Williams, Kimberly Williams-Paisley

A widow attempts to reopen her late-uncle's old dilapidated small town movie theater for one last Christmas screening.
Hallmark 2021 01/01/2022
Sister Swap: Christmas in the City Ashley Williams, Kimberly Williams-Paisley

Two sisters find a new sense of purpose and discover what they both truly need in life during the holidays.

Salt Lake
Hallmark 2021 11/30/2022
Six Degrees of Santa Kathryn Davis, Steve Lund, Kimberly Huie

Christmas enthusiast Steph, has created a program, Six Degrees of Santa. When Steph's own gift lands in the hands of a leading internet entrepreneur, Jason, he's convinced that the original Santa might be his soul mate.
Lifetime 2022 11/24/2022
Sleigh Bells Ring Erin Cahill, David Alpay, Dakota Guppy

A busy single mother begins organizing her city's Christmas parade. While prop hunting, she finds a beautiful sleigh that seems to have a mind of its own, and it begins nudging her back to an old flame.
Hallmark 2016 01/16/2021
Small Town Christmas Ashley Newbrough, Kristoffer Polaha, Preston Vanderslice

Book tour takes Christmas bestseller author to the hometown of the man who inspired her to write the book, but also hurt her feelings by standing her up.
Hallmark 2018 01/17/2021
Snowbound for Christmas Henderson Wade, Zarrin Darnell-Martin, Scott Thompson

Marketing exec lands a spot on a big project but before the presentation, a snowstorm traps her and her boss at a resort where they realize there is more to their relationship than just business.
YouTube 2019 11/18/2021*
Snow Bride Patricia Richardson, Jordan Belfi, Katrina Law

Greta Kaine (Katrina Law) is always in search of juicy gossip. As a gossip-tabloid reporter in Los Angeles, it's her job to expose the rich and famous. So when word gets out that the late Senator Tannenhill's sons might be proposing marriage at their family's Big Bear compound during Christmas, Greta and her chief rival Wes (Tom Lenk) are challenged by their old-school editor to get the scoop. There's incentive to be the first, too: the editorship of the magazine's new online incarnation. Greta's assistant tells her that Wes has a head start to snowy Big Bear, so she dashes to the mountain resort. When she mistakenly ends up as a guest of the family, she's in the middle of what could be her best story yet. However, she discovers that the family, including matriarch Maggie Tannenhill (Patricia Richardson) and caretaker Peters (Robert Curtis Brown) are more down-to-earth than she had assumed. Increasingly guilt-ridden about her game of subterfuge, Greta must decide how far she will go for a story.
Hallmark 2013 11/14/2021
Snowkissed Chris McNally, Jen Lilley, Amy Groening

A travel-averse journalist chases her dream assignment where she soon finds herself mentoring a handsome B&B owner who wants to be a tour guide.
Hallmark 2021 03/11/2021
Snowmance Ashley Newbrough, Jesse Hutch, Adam Hurtig

Each year Sarah builds her "Snow Beau" snowman with her best friend Nick. After another breakup, she begins to wonder if she'll ever find her own true love. A little Christmas magic brings her Snow Beau to life.
Ion 2017 11/28/2022
Spotlight on Christmas Tori Anderson, Victor Zinck Jr., Lia Frankland

Dumped before Christmas, famous Hollywood actress Olivia secretly returns to her hometown to eat cookies and avoid the press. Instead, she has to step up to take the starring role in her own life, realizing that home is where the heart is.
Lifetime 2020 03/15/2021
Sugar Plum Twist Jamie Gray Hyder, Laura Rosguer, Gina Barber

After failing to get the coveted role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in this year's production of The Nutcracker, Vivíana Serrano joins forces with Natalia, to create a surprise reprise of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy...with a Latin twist.
Hallmark 2021 09/11/2022
Surviving Christmas with the Relatives
Julian Ovenden, Gemma Whelan, Joely Richardson

Two sisters and their families spend--or rather, endure--Christmas at their late parents' dilapidated country house.
Paramount Plus 2018 10/07/2022*
Sweet Mountain Christmas Megan Hilty, Marcus Rosner, Teryl Rothery

As country music star Laney Blu spends more time in her hometown, it becomes less and less like she remembered it.
Lifetime, YouTube 2019 02/25/2021*
Switched For Christmas Candace Cameron Bure, Eion Bailey, Mark Deklin

"Just because they are identical does not mean these twins even like each other. Estranged twin sisters get together for an obligatory pre-Christmas lunch, a year after their mother's death. Both women are unhappy and frustrated with their own lives. Though not close, each is envious of the other's life. What's a twin to do but take advantage of this? And who would be the wiser? They do what any identical twins in need of new outlooks would do: they swap lives until Christmas Day, and by doing so, each woman discovers the true meaning of her life and gains a deeper perspective and appreciation for what she already had."
Hallmark 2017 2019 or before
The Art of Christmas Brigitte Kingsley, Joe Towne, Frank Chiesurin

After her latest gallery exhibition literally goes up in flames, struggling artist Liv James accepts a teaching job at a local elementary school to make ends meet.
Great American Channel 2022 1/7/2023
The Case of thd Christmas Diamond William Baldwin, Kelly Daly, Dey Young, Allen Williamson, Tryphena Wade

Andy finds herself accused of theft when a multimillion-dollar gem suddenly goes missing from her rich friend's estate. With the help of a famous mystery writer, Andy must find the real culprit amid the litany of wealthy guests.
Great American Channel 2022 12/04/2022
The Christmas Aunt Keshia Knight Pulliam, Jarod Joseph, Angela Moore

When Rebecca Miller returns home to Tennessee two weeks before Christmas, the last thing she expected is to reconnect with her childhood best friend.
Lifetime 2020 01/02/2021
The Christmas Bow Lucia Micarelli, Michael Rady, James Saito

When an accident puts her music dreams on hold, a gifted violinist reconnects with an old family friend, who helps her heal and find love during the holidays.
Hallmark 2020 02/05/2021
The Christmas Card Edward Asner, John Newton, Alice Evans

US soldier visits the town from where an inspirational Christmas card was sent to him by a church group that mails cards out to servicemen as a goodwill effort.
Hallmark 2006 02/15/2021*
The Christmas Chronicles Kurt Russell, Darby Camp, Judah Lewis, Goldie Hawn

The story of sister and brother, Kate and Teddy Pierce, whose Christmas Eve plan to catch Santa Claus on camera turns into an unexpected journey that most kids could only dream about.
Netflix 2018 2019 or before
The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Darby Camp

Kate Pierce, now a cynical teen, is unexpectedly reunited with Santa Claus when a mysterious troublemaker threatens to cancel Christmas - forever.
Netflix 2020 01/04/2021
The Christmas Club Cameron Mathison, Elizabeth Mitchell

Two busy strangers meet when they help an elderly woman find her lost Christmas savings. Thanks to fate and Christmas magic, they also find something they were both missing: true love.
Hallmark 2019 12/16/2021
The Christmas Contest Candace Cameron Bure, John Brotherton

Exes Lara and Ben compete in a Christmas contest to win money for the charity of their choosing. The city watches them battle and choose what is more important, victory or love.
Hallmark 2021 12/04/2021
The Christmas Contract Hilarie Burton, Robert Buckley, Danneel Ackles, Cheryl Ladd, Bruce Boxleitner

A recently-single woman dreads the thought of going back to her home town in Louisiana for Christmas when she finds out her ex-boyfriend will be there with his new girlfriend.
Lifetime, Youtube 2018 03/18/2021*
The Christmas Doctor Holly Robinson Peete, Adrian Holmes, Fred Henderson, Marlie Collins

A travelling locum doctor finds love and a home at her latest assignment in Willowbrook.
Hallmark 2020 11/16/2020
The Christmas Gift Michelle Trachtenberg, Sterling Sulieman, Rick Fox

A reporter searches for a stranger who unknowingly changed her life with an anonymous Christmas gift.
Lifetime, YouTube 2015 02/22/2021*
The Christmas House Treat Williams, Sharon Lawrence, Robert Buckley, Jonathan Bennett, Ana Ayora, Brad Harder

Working through some difficult decisions, a mother and father summon their two grown sons home for the holidays.
Hallmark 2020 01/07/2022
The Christmas House 2: Deck Those Halls Treat Williams, Sharon Lawrence, Robert Buckley, Jonathan Bennett, Ana Ayora, Brad Harder, Mattia Castrillo

The Mitchell brothers compete to see who can create the best Christmas House.
Hallmark 2021 01/08/2022
The Christmas Note Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Leah Gibson, Lochlyn Munro

After moving into a new house, a woman befriends her next-door neighbor and helps her track down a mystery sibling she never knew she had.
Hallmark, YouTube 2015 02/22/2021*
The Christmas Project Jacob Buster, Anson Bagley, Josh Reid

A writer looks back on his memorable 1986 Christmas, dealing with brothers, bullies, first love, pregnancy and family "elving."
Netflix 2016 12/05/2020*
The Christmas Promise Torrey DeVitto, Dylan Bruce, Patrick Duffy

A woman whose fiancé is killed during the Christmas season gets to know the carpenter she hired to finish their new home so she can sell it. Meanwhile, a text she sent to her fiancé's old number pouring out her grief is answered.
Hallmark 2021 01/09/2022
The Christmas Ring Nazneen Contractor, David Alpay, Peter Anderson

Reporter Kendra Adams (Contractor) searches for the love story behind an antique engagement ring with the inscription, "My Christmas Love 1948." With the help of Michael (Alpay), the grandson of the ring's owner, they learn the legacy his grandparents left behind as well as the sacrifices they both made for what was most important - love.
Hallmark 2020 11/08/2020
The Christmas Secret Bethany Joy Lenz, John Reardon, Susan Hogan

While her life is falling apart, single mom Christine finds a magical family heirloom that leads to love and good fortune during Christmas.
Hallmark 2014 12/11/2020
The Christmas Sitters Tristin Mays, Nathan Owens, Melissa Ordway

Facing holiday flight delays on a return trip from Europe, two parents double-book incompatible babysitters: the mother's BFF lawyer friend, Nora, and the dad's guitarist half-brother, Max, to look after their two kids and dog. After a rather stormy start, an attraction grows.
ION 2020 12/31/2021
The Christmas Switch Natasha Henstridge, Brian Krause, Cedric Smith, Krista Bridges, George Buza

Through Eddie's wit and guile, he gives Sam that last night and finally finds the real meaning of Christmas the gambler's way.
YouTube 2014 11/04/2021*
The Christmas Temp Sara Canning, Robin Dunne, Julian Richings

An out-of-work artist discovers a special Christmas temp agency that matches her with a handful of festive jobs, but falls into a creative rut while juggling holiday preparations and feelings for the agency's HR manager.
Lifetime 2019 01/09/2022*
The Christmas Thief Michelle Borth, Jarrid Masse

Home for the holidays, a fledgling PI realizes the only way to save her career is by solving a string of local burglaries where the main suspect is Santa Claus.
ION 2021 01/01/2022
The Claus Family Jan Decleir, Renée Soutendijk, Bracha van Doesburgh, Mo Bakker

After discovering his grandfather is Santa Claus, Jules has to help him deliver his presents all around the world. But Jules' hatred for Christmas might make that more difficult than Santa thought.
Netflix 2020 12/10/2021
The Gift of Peace Nikki Deloach, Brennan Elliott, Princess Davis

After her husband's death, long-time devoted Christian Traci stops believing, and on her second Christmas without him, she visits a support group in search of comfort and inspiration.
Hallmark 2022 12/27/2022
The Holiday Calendar Kat Graham, Quincy Brown, Ethan Peck

A struggling but talented photographer inherits an antique holiday advent calendar, the contents of which seem to predict the future. Will this magical calendar lead her to love this holiday season?
Netflix 2018 12/03/2020*
The Holiday Sitter
Jonathan Bennett, George Krissa, Everett Andres, Mila Morgan, Chelsea Hobbs, Gabrielle Rose, Robert Wisdon

Sam babysits his niece and nephew before the holidays, and when he recruits help from their handsome neighbor Jason, he finds himself in an unexpected romance.
Hallmark 2022 12/27/2022
The Holiday Stocking Tamala Jones, Nadine Ellis, Mykelti Williamson

New angel R.J. returns to earth as a stranger and has the chance to help his sisters to reconcile, something he didn't accomplish in his lifetime.
Hallmark 2022 12/22/2022
The Least of These: A Christmas Story Tayla Lynn, Emma Faith, G. Michael Nicolosi

A charming Christmas tale of hope, forgiveness and faith that centers around a single mom, her seven year old daughter and a Salvation Army Santa Claus.
Encourage TV, Youtube 2018 03/19/2021*
The Mistletoe Inn Alicia Witt, David Alpay, Lucie Guest

An aspiring novelist signs up for a week-long writing workshop at the Mistletoe Inn.
Hallmark 2017 02/06/2021
The Mistletoe Secret Kellie Pickler, Tyler Hynes, Christopher Russell

A ghost writer/partner of a travel web site and TV feature arrives in Midway before Christmas to write about it. He falls for The Mistletoe Diner's Aria, as does his tall, handsome partner.
Hallmark 2019 01/22/2020
The Most Colorful Time of the Year Christopher Russell, Katrina Bowden, Joanna Douglas

It follows Ryan, an elementary school teacher who learns that he is colorblind. Michelle, an optometrist and mother of one of his students, helps bring color into his life in time for the holidays. for glasses
Hallmark 2022 12/25/2022
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Brooke Burns, Henry Winkler, Warren Christie

Corporate analyst and single mom, Jen, tackles Christmas with a business-like approach until her uncle arrives with a handsome stranger in tow.
Hallmark 2008 12/14/2020*
The Nine Lives of Christmas Brandon Routh, Kimberley Sustad

After a stray cat adopts Zachary, he meets Marilee and realizes the single life is not as fulfilling as he thought it was.
Hallmark 2014 12/12/2021
The Noel Diary Justin Hartley, Barrett Doss, Bonnie Bedelia, James Remar

The story of a man who returns home on Christmas to settle his estranged mother's estate. Once there, he discovers a diary that may hold secrets to his own past and of a beautiful young woman on a mysterious journey of her own.
Netflix 2022 11/27/2022
The Rooftop Christmas Tree Michelle Morgan, Tim Reid, Steven Huszar, Krista Morin

Every year since Sarah was a child, her lonely neighbor has had a rooftop Christmas tree. Lately, he's been arrested for it. This year Sarah is back in town as lawyer, sitting with him in court. Why is the tree so important?
YouTube 2016 11/08/2021*
The Royal Nanny Rachel Skarsten, Dan Jeannotte, Greta Scacchi, Katie Sheridan

Claire is an MI5 agent who becomes the royal nanny, having to overcome challenges on her mission as she keeps the family safe for Christmas and resists Prince Colin's charms.
Hallmark 2022 11/17/2022
The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause 2
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
The Santa Clauses
Tim Allen, Judge Reinhold, Wendy Crewson, Eric Lloyd, David Krumholtz

When a man inadvertently makes Santa fall off his roof on Christmas Eve, he finds himself magically recruited to take his place.
Disney 1994 Before 2019
The Santa Claus 2

The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
The Santa Clauses
Tim Allen, Spencer Breslin, Judge Reinhold, Elizabeth Mitchell, Wendy Crewson, Eric Lloyd, David Krumholtz, Art LaFleur, Aisha Tyler, Jay Thomas, Michael Dorn

Scott Calvin has been a humble Santa Claus for eight years, but it might come to an end if he doesn't find a Mrs. Claus.
Disney 2002 Before 2019
The Santa Claus 3: The Escape Clause

The Santa Clause
The Santa Clause 2

The Santa Clauses
Tim Allen, Martin Short, Spencer Breslin, Judge Reinhold, Elizabeth Mitchell, Wendy Crewson, Eric Lloyd, Ane-Margret, Alan Arkin, Art LaFleur, Aisha Tyler, Jay Thomas, Michael Dorn, Kevin Pollak

Santa, a.k.a. Scott Calvin, is faced with double-duty: how to keep his new family happy and how to stop Jack Frost from taking over Christmas.
Disney 2006 Before 2019
The Santa Clauses

The Santa Clause
The Santa Clause 2
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, Austin Kane, Elizabeth Allen-Dick, Kal Penn, Laura San Giacomo, Eric Lloyd, David Krumholtz

Scott Calvin is about to turn 65 and, realizing he can't be Santa forever, sets out to find a suitable replacement Santa while preparing his family for a new adventure in life south of the pole.
Disney 2022 12/20/2022
The Santa Squad Aaron Ashmore, Rebecca Dalton, Michael Therriault

An unemployed art teacher accepts a job with the Santa Squad to help lift the spirits of a wealthy widower Gordon (Aaron Ashmore) and his two adorable daughters. As she helps the broken family rediscover the magic of Christmas, she finds something she didn't expect: True love.
Hallmark 2020 02/15/2021
The Santa Stakeout Tamera Mowry-Housley, Paul Campbell, Joe Pantoliano

Tanya, a police detective who is partnered with fellow detective Ryan to solve a recent string of heists. They go undercover as newlyweds, moving into the vacant house next to Mr. Miller, the prime suspect in the case.
Hallmark 2021 10/26/2021
The Search for Secret Santa Skye Coyne, Alex Trumble, Jackée Harry

Cub reporter Sofia thinks she's found a Christmas story that will save her career when she discovers a long-lost, undelivered Secret Santa gift addressed from Tony to Abigail.
ION 2022 12/20/2022
The Spruces and the Pines Jonna Walsh, Nick Ballard, Ken Cheeseman

Julie Pine and Rick Spruce are forced to hide their yuletide relationship from their disapproving families in this Christmas romance.
Hallmark 2017 04/25/2021
The Twelve Trees of Christmas :Lindy Booth, Robin Dunne, Mel B, Casper Van Dien

Cheri Jamison rallies the residents of her beloved Manhattan neighborhood to participate in a Christmas tree contest when her cherished local library is abruptly set for demolition. Cheri finds herself up against an ambitious developer Tony Shaughnessy.

2013 11/03/2022
Three Wise Men and a Baby Tyler Hynes, Andrew W. Walker, Paul Campbell, Margret Colin, Ali Liebert, Fiona Vroom

Three brothers are surprised when they find themselves forced to care for a baby during the holidays, during the journey they begin to rebuild their relationships as brothers while rediscovering their love for Christmas.
Hallmark 2022 11/27/2022
The Town Christmas Forgot Lauren Holly, Rick Roberts, Azer Greco, Torri Webster

On his way to a luxury resort for the Christmas holiday, banker Charles Benson's car breaks down, so his family gets stuck in Nowhere, Colorado, a sleepy town which seems to be dying since its mine closed. Son Nolan befriends the grumpy old former toy shopkeeper, and pushes the charmed grump to become the naturally perfect Santa in the Christmas pageant his mother helped organize despite the disheartened mayor. Charles gets stuck in the mine with the mechanic, whom he befriends, and ends up as the real Christmas benefactor.
Hallmark 2010 12/31/2020*
Time For Him to Come Home For Christmas Tyler Hynes, Holland Roden, Steve Bacic

Four days before Christmas, Elizabeth Athens receives a voicemail from a unknown number she doesn't recognize. In the message, a man's voice, whom she doesn't know, makes one final plea to the love of his life for a second chance.
Hallmark 2022 12/04/2022
Time For Us To Come Home For Christmas Lacey Chabert, Stephen Huszar, Lini Evans

Five guests are mysteriously invited to an inn to celebrate Christmas. With the help of the owner Ben, Sarah discovers that an event from the past may connect them and change their lives forever.
Hallmark 2020 12/19/2020
Time For You To Come Home For Christmas Alison Sweeney, Lucas Bryant, Kiefer O'Reilly

A recent widow travels with her son to her Virginia hometown for Christmas. On the way they meet a man who is heading to the same destination. As they continue to spend time together, the pair grows closer.
Hallmark 2019 02/01/2021
Tis the Season to be Merry Rachael Leigh Cook, Travis Van Winkle

Looking for a fresh angle on her new book on relationships, Merry heads to snow covered Vermont. She finds a new perspective and Christmas cheer with charismatic aid worker Chris.
Hallmark 2021 09/11/2022
Twas The Night Before Christmas Torrey DeVitto, Zane Holtz, Amanda Barker

Follow a former actress as she needs to take charge of a town's annual Christmas Eve courtroom production debating the true authorship of the poem "A Visit from St. Nick".
Hallmark 2022 12/31/2022
Twice Upon a Christmas John Dye, Kathy Ireland, Mary Donnelly Haskell

When the North Pole faces destruction at the hands of Santa Claus' malicious daughter, her long-lost sister must travel home and save Christmas.
YouTube 2001 02/27/2021*
Undercover Holiday Stephen Huszar, Noemi Gonzalez, Ann Pirvu

When returning home for the holidays, newly minted pop star Jaylen tells her protective family that her overzealous security guard Matt is, in fact, her new beau.
Hallmark 2022 12/22/2022
Unlocking Christmas Taylor Cole, Steve Lund, Elena Juatco

When a mysterious key and a holiday riddle arrive on their doorsteps, Kate and Kevin embark on a Christmas romance adventure they'll never forget.
Hallmark 2020 12/20/2020
USS Christmas Jen Lilley, Trevor Donovan, Barbara Niven

Maddie, a reporter for a Norfolk newspaper, embarks on a Tiger Cruise during Christmastime where she meets a handsome naval officer and stumbles upon a mystery in the ship's archive room
Hallmark 2020 11/29/2020
We Need a Little Christmas Clarissa Angelica Lo, Alyssa Brady,Vale Cooper

Facing her first Christmas as a single mother, Julie develops an unexpected friendship with an older neighbor.
Hallmark 2022 10/23/2022
We Wish You a Married Christmas Marisol Nichols, Kristoffer Polaha, René Escobar Jr.

It follows a married couple having a hard time connecting. To try to reconnect, they check into a cozy inn in a small town during the holiday season.
Hallmark 2022 10/23/2022
Well Suited For Christmas Lara Amersey, Franco Lo Presti, Mercedes de la Zerda, Stephanie Herrera

Follows Rachel Rocca, a fashion designer who must create a tuxedo for city's eligible bachelor Brett Stone, for a Christmas charity gala. As she works on it, she finds out the actual reason behind his charity, and end up falling in love.
Lifetime 2022 11/12/2022
When Christmas Was Young Karen David, Tyler Hilton, Jayce Barreiro, Hayley Sales

A successful music manager goes to a small town to secure the rights to a Christmas love song for his only client. If he can't secure the rights, he will not have any clients. Little did he know that the writer would not sell the rights.

When Christmas was Young song written by Sheryl Crow
CBS 2022 12/31/2022
When I Think of Christmas Shenae Grimes-Beech, Niall Matter

Sara returns to her hometown and is surprised when her ex-boyfriend Josh is back home. She and Josh hatch a plan for the Christmas concert that will take them all back to their musical roots and make this a holiday to remember.
Hallmark 2022 12/07/2022
Winter in Vail Lacey Chabert, Tyler Hynes, Marla Ranae

Chelsea inherits a house in Vail. She meets Owen and gets a much needed break. Together, they put on Strudelfest to highlight the charm of Old Vail.
Hallmark 2020 10/17/2021
Write Before Christmas Torrey DeVitto, Chad Michael Murray, Lolita Davidovich

Jessica gets dumped before Christmas. She sends 5 Christmas cards, affecting her BFF, brother, aunt, pop star, and past music/cello teacher, meeting her single, photographer son.
Hallmark 2019 11/14/2020
You Are My Home Alyssa Milano, Cristián de la Fuente, Angel Parker

This drama follows the relationship of a heartbroken woman and a young immigrant girl who has lost her mother at the border, coming together just before Christmas.
Netflix 2020 01/18/2021*
You Light Up My Christmas Kim Fields, Adrian Holmes, Christina Sicoli

Upon Emma's return, she discovers the lights have gone dim in the once festive town, prompting her to reconnect with an old flame to set their hearts and the town ablaze with light again.
2019 10/20/2021*
You, Me and the Christmas Trees Danica McKellar, Benjamin Ayres, Zara Bacic

An arborist falls in love with a farmer as she tries to save his trees before the town tree lighting.
Hallmark 2021 10/23/2021

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